I believe network marketing is a business that celebrates women.

Women are dominating this profession. Network marketing is about connecting with and growing people, and women are great at this because we are nurturers and multitaskers by nature. We are mothers and wives; we work both inside and outside the home; we empathize, we are great communicators, and we are strong. In a tough economy, women want to help carry the load, spending more quality time with our families while making extra money for our children and a little pampering money for ourselves. 

Network marketing is great because it gives us the option to have our cake and eat it, too. As we grow our business, we quickly see how we can create a full-time income rather than just a shoe allowance. 

I was talking recently to a friend who works her direct sales business full time but who, surprisingly, isn’t satisfied. This intrigued me because her company is one of the direct selling giants. She had been featured in the company publications and was one of its most well-known field trainers.

She shared with me her frustrations about her husband being laid off and her having to pick up the extra bills with her distributor check. I asked her what her sales volume was and what she was making. It turned out she was averaging no more than 2 percent on her team’s sales volume.

This seemed crazy to me. Even though she was working full time, her check was not matching up in comparison to other companies.
A challenge women face is that many companies designed to appeal specifically to women are simply not paying them what they are worth. The data show that female-driven organizations create considerably higher sales volume through new distributorships and customers, but are paid a lower percentage on those sales.

But times are changing, ladies. We’ve come a long way and people are noticing it. New hybrid companies that are combining the traditional party-plan concept with the latest new compensation plans have finally cracked the code and addressed the proverbial question, “What do women want?” After all these years they have found the answer is obvious: just pay us what we are worth!

These companies are paying out real worth percentages, and the recipients are getting some of the highest checks in our profession today.

I believe a new era of network marketing and direct sales is upon us—an era where women have huge value whether they own their own business and work it alone, support their spouse’s business, or work with their spouse as a team. I believe in the next ten years more women will earn what they’re worth and more families will have the opportunity to experience true freedom and take their lives to a whole other level!

Based in Florida, TIFFANY POTILLO has ten years of
network marketing experience. A wife, mom, and entrepreneur
in her thirties, she has dedicated her life to the network marketing profession.
Tiffany and her team show people that “debt-free is the new sexy.”