Women are great at building relationships. We love sharing stories and good deals because we truly care about others.

When I started my network marketing business, I called everyone I knew and invited them to check out our products and business opportunity. I did so naturally because I firmly believe that our business and products are the best. No one likes to be sold, but everyone wants to know about the latest, greatest products on the market.

While one of women’s biggest strengths is caring and sharing, one of our greatest challenges in building a home business is time management. Because we are natural relationship-builders, we often spend significantly more time talking to people, on the phone or in person, than men do. We start our network marketing career because we want to create a better lifestyle. Thus, to be successful, we must know how to balance our time between business and family.

When I first started, I was working my business 24/7. I spent time making phone calls, setting up meetings, and helping others do the same. I did not have time for family or friends. I was working overtime while making minimal commissions. Fortunately, I had a supportive mother and an understanding long-distance boyfriend, who now is my husband. By the time I was ready to get married I had built a strong foundation. After I put my personal life on hold for a while, I realized it was time to bring balance to my life.
Making sacrifices is necessary in our businesses, especially in the beginning. However, we must set priorities.

Now, when developing a daily method of operation, I make sure to include time to work on my body and soul, time to take care of my family, and I schedule at least one date night a week with my husband.

As my business expanded, my team eventually grew outside of Canada into international markets. It is now in over thirty countries and my residual income has increased tremendously. Opening new markets for the company is exciting and rewarding, but it also brings additional challenges having to do with cultural differences, language barriers, cost of shipping, import/export duties, travel expenses, and so on.

When we first opened Hong Kong, my team leaders and I had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to conduct weekly webinars for our new members. We spent a lot of time translating training materials into Chinese. I had to travel to the new markets to give presentations and do trainings.

While international travel has always been part of my dreams, I was looking for a more settled lifestyle when I started my own family. I chose to stay connected with my team using long-distance communication technologies. Today I am enjoying time with family and friends while building a global business.

SHERRY ZHAO was recognized as the first female
Regional Ambassador, top earner, and President Cup winner
of an international network marketing company based in Canada.
In five years, she developed a team on five continents.