The day I quit my job as national operations manager of a cosmetics company, I was ready to take on the world. I fell in love with network marketing, where everyone can win by collaborating as a team. I recognized the opportunity to create an unlimited income through raising people up versus competing in the dog-eat-dog corporate world.

The greatest blessing in my life is seeing growth in the people I personally mentor and develop. Knowing that every day I contribute to people’s lives to such an extent really inspires me. It is our duty as women to step up and become role models for others entering this profession.

However, often I find women downplay their talents or don’t even see their strengths as strengths. Growing your team and helping people excel starts with building them up.

I often do the following exercise with my team. I ask people to list qualities they would like to see in a leader. Traits they list typically include coachable, goal-oriented, grateful, good listeners, people magnets, teachers, courageous, masters of recognition, system-oriented, and so on.

Next, I ask them to look at their list and assess their own top three strengths and opportunities. Through this self-discovery process of identifying their own strengths, they experience Aha moments that inspire leadership development.

If we edify the strengths of the women around us and raise their self-confidence, we can help them achieve more in all aspects of their lives. Make it your mission to recognize and support female leaders in your team and company. We must support other women if we want to elevate the profession!

Networking is an opportunity to celebrate our feminine traits—being nurturing, supportive, cooperative, and genuine. Focus on deep, lasting relationships rooted in a supportive and empowering community. Find a balance between supporting and driving your businesses.

A stumbling block I’ve faced is wanting more for team members than they want for themselves. Another significant challenge I’ve had is when a budding leader I’m working with quits. It’s devastating, but we can only control what we do; what others do is up to them. Connect back to your why, refocus your targets, and take massive action.

Tune out other people’s noise; focus on your inner voice. Find your strengths, then forge ahead and develop them. Venture out and design your life and business around who you are. Network marketing offers you the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur; just zero in on your passion and live it!

Based in Toronto, Canada, CHRISTY MALTMAN-NUR
has been doing network marketing full time for five years.
She builds her business with her husband Osman Nur.
Together they are passionate about
empowering people to win.