Network marketing gives women the opportunity to create success utilizing the unique traits we share, such as empathy, creativity, love of family, a desire for community, collaboration, and making a difference in people’s lives. There are both benefits and challenges that come with our unique set of shared attributes, which, if leveraged properly, give us a definite advantage in the business.

Women are natural networkers. We love to connect with people. My husband says I don’t know a stranger. Whether we are in a grocery store line or in the ladies room, women talk—about their kids, the economy, or how to avoid visible panty lines. Women get personal very quickly. It is accepted; it is what we do! This trait lends itself to success in our business.

Women are naturally caring. We want to add value to others. When we listen to what is not working in someone’s life we want to offer a solution. When we couple this with a belief in our product or business opportunity, it is a recipe for success.

We are creative and entrepreneurial. Now more than ever, as women wear more hats in our households and in our workplaces, we have relentless opportunities to apply our creativity. Whether it’s in figuring out how to balance competing needs simultaneously, such as nurturing a family and earning a living, or juggling a variety of responsibilities as the ranks of the underemployed increase, women are being called on to manage diverse challenges without a handbook.

I spent much of my adult life fitting my entrepreneurial, multifaceted nature into one-dimensional work environments, such as corporate settings. Even though I brought my whole self to the job, I was paid only for the skills the job required.

When I discovered network marketing I realized how little of me was being expressed. My business has given me the opportunity to make an income unhindered by a glass ceiling, but more than that, it has given me the opportunity to live who I am more fully and discover who I was meant to become.

Women also share traits that can hinder our success. Below are some common challenges and corresponding strategies that can help you overcome them.

Because women care deeply and take on many responsibilities, we have a tendency to spend more time than necessary doing things that are important to others but don’t neessarily support our own priorities, such as building a business. One thing I have found works to offset this challenge is to make sure you are crystal clear about your business goals and your reason for building your business. This clarity can help us choose to do the things that will advance our purpose and say “no for now” to things that don’t support this purpose.

Because of our nurturing side, we readily share solutions with people. Being a problem-solver can hinder our business-building efforts by not requiring others to do their part. This can end up enabling team members who are not willing to do what is necessary to succeed.

Because women desire to add value, they sometimes have trouble asking for the sale or the referral. A solution to this challenge can be as simple as shifting our mindset from being focused on what we are asking to what we are offering. It changes our posture and allows us to realize that what we are offering is of such great value that what we are asking pales in comparison.

When building a home business, our workplace can seem invisible. At home, without the bricks-and-mortar workplace providing definition, it is easy to succumb to the unending list of needs and demands of others who are important. Here are some approaches that have helped me and other leaders I have worked with overcome this challenge. I call it “creating our own bricks and mortar”:

Clarify the daily plan. Every night, determine your plan for the next day. This way you will know what you are going to do (who to call, what needs to be accomplished) and in the morning you will hit the ground running.

Get ready. Get up early and dress for the day as if you are going to work. This does not mean dressing in a business suit. It does mean cleaning up and dressing in a way that is appropriate for your lifestyle and your business. This helps you take what you are doing more seriously. Many women who do this notice their posture even changes.

Go to work. Utilize alternative worksites outside the home. At a specified time of day, perhaps for a two-hour block of time, actually leave your home and go to another location, such as a coffee shop, where you will make calls and have appointments.

Others take their cues from us. If we take seriously what we are doing, then others will, too. Being clear about your plan, dressing for the day, and actually going to work will go a long way to making the invisible visible.

Women often underestimate their strengths and overestimate their challenges. When we make a clear assessment of both, and leverage and manage them, we can truly have it all in network marketing.

Here we can truly make a difference, because we allow others to be who they are and live in the sphere of what’s possible instead of what is prescribed. When that happens, the world becomes more whole, healthier, and better for everyone.
The desire to make a difference in people’s lives is at the core of our humanity and ingrained in women’s hearts. Network marketing allows us to make a living making a difference, stay true to who we are, and empower others to do the same.

KATHY LUTZ has been a top earner in her company for over ten years.
She is a sought-after field trainer featured in numerous company tools
and has frequently presented at her company’s annual convention.
She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband of twenty-five years.