The new economy is making many of us question our current values and beliefs. We are asking ourselves why we believe what we believe, and we are opening up to the possibilities of having meaningful careers that make a difference in people’s lives. According to Seth Godin, we are at the end of the eighty-year-old Industrial Age and at the beginning of an entrepreneurial revolution.

I see a new world where people work together synergistically. With social media, the Internet, and information technology advancing every day, we are able to collaborate with the entire world virtually.

In the past, it was difficult for a woman to become a home business leader because women have many different responsibilities. We are managing careers while fulfilling the roles of wife, mother, care-giver, housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, and more. Today we want to do it all, and I believe we can. If we listen to our hearts and use the tools of technology, we will thrive in the new economy.

When I was introduced to network marketing in 1995, I was juggling my responsibilities at home and at work. I thought I wasn’t a good mother (and was thankful for my husband who was filling in for me) because I spent little time with my eight-year-old son.

Then I realized I could work from home, something inside me said this was my chance to redesign my life around my family. Trusting this feeling drove me to focus on my home business diligently for three hours every morning before I went to the office. It wasn’t easy; however, my love for my son made me conquer any obstacles and learn the valuable skills necessary to become a home-based entrepreneur.

In 2013, women can truly have it all. They can have a successful career and a thriving family. The ubiquity of the Internet gives everyone the flexibility to connect with people conveniently around their schedules.

There are currently 2.4 billion people connected online, and this number is increasing daily. New beliefs are emerging as the whole world becomes connected. The new values support collaboration over competition and unity over separation and support the emergence of more women leaders in the new economy and in network marketing. We are now equipped with tools that enable us to connect and build relationships with people all over the world. Since women’s brains are wired to bond and work together in social groups, it’s a natural fit!

In network marketing, you can create residual income by helping others to succeed, and women love helping others. T.E.A.M. spirit (Together Everyone Achieves More) is engraved in a woman’s DNA because it represents family values. As Jim Rohn says, “If two or more agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible.”

KELLIE HOSAKA has been a leader in her network marketing company
for over seventeen years. She built her business part-time while
working fourteen hours per day at her corporate job. She expanded her business
internationally using social media to connect with entrepreneurs all over the world.