Last November I was working through some sadness andanger from the past. I love to observe lifearound me and find those things that give me strength to move forward. I havedecided I am going to live life the way a weed does.

I drive a lot. I often notice the weeds that grow inthe concrete cracks along the highway. I love their determination, theirpersistence. They don’t care if there is not a lot of soil. They don’t care ifyou try to kill them. They don’t care if water is scarce. All they care aboutis one, small, tiny crack, an almost invisible space. When they find it, theysprout their tender baby leaves and push them up through that crack. If youstep on them or pull them, they just do it again, until finally those small,vulnerable leaves find the opportunity they are looking for. Then they growfast, as fast as they can. They spread their roots so that if there is anattempt on their life, their roots can sustain them.

Weeds may be irritating, but we can learn a lot fromthem. I want the determination of the weed.

Many women sometimes feel like a weed—stepped on, notvalued. Many of us have gone through experiences that tear us down at our verycore.

If you are reading this publication, I assume you havedreams for your future—most likely, big dreams.

What I love most about women is their resilience, theirdetermination, their inner strength, and their ability to adapt to change.

The sad part is that many of us do not even realizewhat we have inside. It is as though the past has grabbed hold of our abilityto see who we truly are. We have accepted what someone else has told us aboutwho we are and we allow that past to control the present and dictate ourfuture.

Here is the most exciting part. No one can ever takewhat has been placed inside you as a woman. No one can take the determination,the creativity, the beauty. It’s in there, every one of us can feel it. Forsome, it is just a small voice inside whispering there is more. For others,that voice is screaming, “Get up again, don’t stay down, get up, you can dothis.”

The weed doesn’t let anyone determine its future. Itknows exactly what it needs to do. It has to grow. Did you realizethat weed seeds can lie dormant for as long as seventy years? The seed needsonly a fraction of a second of light for it to begin to sprout.
Regardless of your age, the seed in you is waiting fora speck of light to shine in.

Where do we find this elusive light?

Some of you may feel the seed within you is in a darkplace. How can I let light shine? If we look at the weed, it is the turning ofthe soil that brings the seed to the surface. The seed cannot move on its own;the soil cannot turn on its own.

When pain occurs in our lives we have two choices: wecan retreat within ourselves to protect our hearts, enclosing that seed intodarkness again—or we can reach out for help. Many, including myself, have atendency to retreat. We are so afraid of being hurt again that we just keepeveryone out. We believe it is the safest place for us.

Turning the soil is hard work; however, it is whatneeds to happen for the seed to come to the surface and receive the light itneeds to grow. Similarly, our inner soil needs to be turned for our seed tosprout. We cannot turn our own soil. We need people, other women.

Don’t give up in your quest to let the seed within yougrow. You will make mistakes. People will hurt you. Some may even try to pullthe weed in you. But remember, you get to choose how you respond. You can hidefrom the pain or realize that every step is like the turning of the soil. It isyour choice to retreat back into darkness and hide your seed, or to reach outand find the support.
We are women. We are beautiful and inspiring. We cansee in others the strengths they have within them. We multitask: we can holdour baby and do a conference call at the same time. We are masters at promotinganything we believe in. We can experience incredible pain and keep going.

Don’t ever let someone else decide your destiny. We areleaders. Let’s encourage each other and partner as women, understanding who weare. Imagine what could happen if each of us picks one person to believe inmore than they believe in themselves.

I stand looking ahead of me and see a road yet to betravelled—a path that will be filled with choices, with forks in the road.
I stand in anticipation of where it will lead me. I amso excited that the past will never determine what we all can achieve.

As you go about your day, look ahead. Know that you arethe author of your future. Never let anyone or anything from your past dictatewhat you can or cannot accomplish. Take all that has occurred in your life anduse it as a launching pad. Let the light begin to shine on the seed within youand be the weed that grows in the crack—the one that says, “You can lay a roadover me, you can drive over me, but you cannot stop me from accomplishing whatI have been placed here to do!”

PAULA FOELLER is a single mom of three.
She began her career in network marketing in 2007.
Today she has a team of more than 20,000 distributors.
Her heart is for people tobe accepted for
who they are and surrounded by a team
that can see who they canbecome.