The founder of our company used to say, “When we create more women millionaires, we will change the world.” We feel grateful to have discovered a business that allows us to make a significant income while making a difference by paying it forward to others who want to create a more meaningful life.

Our passion is to bring more clarity about what our profession is and isn’t. One of the greatest challenges network marketers face is the stigma that’s still attached to our business model and the misunderstandings people have about it—especially folks in their fifties and sixties. And while the majority of people we approach about joining our business might be much younger than that, these fifty-to-sixty-year-olds represent a huge portion of the population and are the parents or grandparents of many of the people we invite into our business, and their strong negative opinions are partly responsible for what’s perpetuating the stigma.

We understand this dilemma because we experienced it first-hand ourselves. Janine was the “dream-stealing” parent who adamantly opposed her daughter, Lory, getting into network marketing. Janine held a strong prejudice against the profession because of an experience she had over thirty years ago. It wasn’t until she recognized that she was holding onto outdated beliefs that she was finally able to discover the brilliance of the business model.

We know there are many others who are going through the same experience we did. Many more mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, family members and friends are battling over the legitimacy of this profession. This controversy is why we felt compelled to write a book for the skeptics. We believe that the sooner more people truly understand our business, the sooner we will create a paradigm shift in the way people feel about our profession.

Those of us who have experienced the rewards of our business are the voice of network marketing, and it’s up to us to come together, from all companies, to honor our profession by refusing to be part of the hype, embellishment, and covert behaviors that have tainted the view of our business in the past.

A rising tide raises all ships. We are part of a movement whose time has come. We are a tribe of powerful, forward-thinking, abundance-minded women, and we can change the world by offering freedom to those who choose to no longer be enslaved!

JANIE FINNEY and LORY MUIRHEAD have successfully built
their businesses side by side for nine years. A mother-and-daughter team,
they co-authored The Flip-Flop CEO. Janine worked in corporate America
doing sales and business development for over thirty years
before starting her network marketing career.
Lory has a BA in marketing, communications, and Spanish.
Ten years ago she chose the freedom and abundance network marketing offers.