Decades before I became involved in network marketing, a seed of hope was planted in my heart by a woman whom I never had the privilege to meet. To this day, she is probably unaware of the profound effect her anonymous gift had on my family’s future.

In the spring of 1992, I sat in the warehouse of our family-owned retail business with my husband and our children packing cardboard boxes with products and getting them ready to ship. It was approaching midnight and we still had many orders left to fill. We had given all our energy to our business and we were still at the stage where we couldn’t afford to hire help. We often worked late into the night to sustain our young company.

I remember that evening well. We were taking a break from our work, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a woman slipping a magazine under our office door. I didn’t know the woman, but the magazine intrigued me. I began flipping through it and reading stories of people from all different backgrounds who had built a successful home business. The stories related how these individuals had recovered from financial challenges and had gone on to live prosperous, productive, purpose-driven lives.

These stories of hope reminded me that the American dream was still alive. I thought of my husband, Tony, saving for years to come to America from Australia. He had bought a ticket on a ship and arrived in America with $50 in his pocket, a Greyhound bus pass, and a dream.

I met him the first year he was here and it was love at first sight. I watched him work tirelessly in pursuit of that dream. I saw tears stream down his face when he became an American citizen. We were blessed with four beautiful children and eleven incredible grandchildren. We taught them to work together in pursuit of our dream for our family company.

I was inspired by the stories I read that night. My son asked me what I was reading. I looked up and said, “I’m reading about everyday people being able to create something amazing by sharing something they believe in with others.” And then, out of the blue, I added, “Someday we will be top income earners in a network marketing company and we will share the same dream!”

My son smiled and said, “You know what, Mom? I believe you.”

In the days that followed, I just couldn’t get those stories out of my mind. That magazine had a huge impact on my life. I read it over and over again. In fact, I still have it.

Years later, Tony and I attended our first network marketing convention and received an award that had our names engraved on it. It said, “Randi and Tony Escobar — Number One Income Earners.”

We arrived home from the event and were unpacking when our son saw the award and said, “Do you remember when we worked really late one night and you found that magazine?”

I looked at him and said, “Oh yes, I remember reading those stories that night. I can never forget how they made me feel.”

I have had the privilege to work beside many inspired women. I am always humbled by their desire to create and leave behind a legacy for others to enjoy. No matter what their circumstances or challenge, they always are there to share and encourage.

Women have a trans-generational perspective: they honor the past and their heritage, sustain the present with earnest labor, and envision and prepare for the future with a great sense of hope.

Women live their lives inspired by purpose. Their ability to create is limitless. They can take the most meager of circumstances and turn them into a life-changing experience.

A wealth of knowledge can be gleaned from a barren field of despair, when seen through the eyes of a woman with true vision.
These are women who realize that everything can be accomplished in total abundance when everyone’s talents are utilized for good.

I remember as a child thinking that there wasn’t anything exciting in our cupboard. I would look inside and just see the basics. My remarkable mother taught me to look in the same cupboard and see endless possibilities. She could create a banquet fit for a king from those basics I saw. It seemed to me she could effortlessly feed our entire neighborhood. She taught me to be resourceful, creative, and generous.

Throughout the ages, women have been masters at creating culture and community. In the network marketing profession, women make an immense contribution to our growth and stability. They use their innate feminine traits to create, collaborate, educate, delegate, inspire, encourage, and perpetuate our commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

The women pioneers in network marketing have been deeply committed to creating a culture where everyone has the opportunity to grow. They prepare the ground, plant seeds, and nurture the crops. The end result is an abundant harvest. Through their faith, their expectations come to fruition.

In my own experience, it was the examples of many dedicated women over the years that gave life to my dream of financial security. These women watered the seed that was planted in my heart the night I first read that magazine.

In a time when our nation’s fiscal cupboard may seem bare, I know that our business creates abundance. We have the ability to help our economy recover and thrive. We can offer hope in a time of discouragement. We can help create financial security in a time of uncertainty. We can honor our heritage as we continue to share it forward. Together, with dedication and passion, we can help others face the future with hope.

RANDI ESCOBAR is a top earner in her network marketing company
and leads an organization of well over a million members.
She has helped create over 70 million-dollar earners
within her own team so far.
Randi is the only network marketer in history to receive a
Congressional Commendation from the House of Representatives
of the United States and fourteen Gubernatorial Commendations.
Randi‘s success story is featured in Jack Canfield’s
The Success Principles.