Givers Gain
Bob Proctor
Ralph Waldo Emerson described the law of cause and effect as “the law of laws.” At Personal Success Institute Seminars, we have a motto, “Givers gain.” Giving has brought me plenty of business, and the return has always been out of proportion to what I gave. But you don’t give to get business. If giving is calculated, it is trading. If you always contribute to the best of your abilities, you will never have to wonder where business is going to come from. The Universe is friendly and orderly, and it will reward you abundantly—if you gain an understanding of the laws by which it operates and bring your business into harmony with those laws.

When Conversations Break Down
Dr. Travis Bradberry
Conflict is a normal part of two people with different needs, interests, and motivations coming together. It’s how conflict is handled that determines the quality and ultimate success of a relationship. You can learn to address conflict using a single technique—one that’s so effective at addressing conflict that it’s called a repair. In the heat of an argument, a repair sends an instant signal that you think the other person is important, that you respect him or her, and that you’re willing to put the good of the relationship ahead of your self-interest. Repairs don’t simply improve the outcomes of the conflicts that you weave them into. They inject health into relationships that have been damaged by discord.

Winning with Laughter
Marti MacGibbon
Adding humor to your speech will make your content easier to remember and a whole lot more fun to deliver. Research has shown that laughter stimulates both hemispheres of the brain and accelerates learning. Because humor reduces stress, and the lower the stress level, the more we learn, your audience will grasp and retain more of what they hear. You don’t have to be a professional comedian or even a class clown to infuse a presentation with humor. You don’t have to tell jokes. You can develop funny material and acquire skills for delivering it. This article presents four tips to get you started.

India: The Tiger is Roaring
Chris Bolsover
With more companies entering the Indian market every year, network marketers are aware the Indian Tiger is awake and roaring. India will be the world’s twelfth largest economy by 2025. While small businesses and person-to-person selling have always flourished in India, network marketing came into existence only in the mid-eighties. Initially India was seen as difficult to enter due to perceived costs, laws on business structures, corruption, local manufacture requirements, and difficulty of physical distribution. Today it has become a top choice for international expansion due to its economic growth and sheer potential of becoming the biggest consumer market in the world.

Connect and Influence
Ty Bennett
The most important skill for success in network marketing is learning how to tell your story with authenticity and confidence. You can learn how to do so by practicing three steps: 1) Create a struggle-to-solution story; 2) Make it conversational; 3) Balance being credible and being relatable. The struggle is the “hook” with which you capture your listeners. To engage people more powerfully, we must move from giving sales presentations to having sales conversations. Credibility is something you build through who you are, what you know, what you have accomplished, and how you communicate. When you share your story with confidence, you build credibility with your prospects. Being relatable comes from being real and authentic.

Stand Out in the Crowd
Patricia Fripp
Networking and developing good social contacts is an important part of building your business. However, if you go to events and no one remembers you afterward, what was the point? Many talented and well-educated people attend networking events, yet overlook their big chance to be memorable. All it takes is a little preparation: developing a mini-presentation for intimate audiences of one to five people. All speaking is public speaking. Outside the privacy of your own home, you are speaking in public no matter the size of your audience. This article describes eight strategies to ensure that people will enjoy meeting you and will recall you afterwards.

How to Become an Attractive Human
Dr. Josephine Gross
The study of humanities forms a perfect foundation for developing people skills. While humanities majors are suspected of having no “real” or marketable skills, business leaders know that developing our ability to understand the lives of others can be one of our most valuable assets. When doing business in another country, learn at least how to say “Hi!” and “Thank you!” in the local language. Once in a while, visit a museum or art exhibit, switch on the history channel, and learn about cultural traditions other than your own. Grow your understanding of where you came from and become interested in the lives of others. You will become a more attractive human and others will flock to you.