“Before we get started, let’s put this one right out on the table: I talk funny.” Right from her new book’s opening words, you will be immediately hooked into Rita Davenport’s unique world of time-tested wisdom and success principles, told in classic Rita style that will have you laughing, learning, and crying, in many cases all on the same page.

Rita has a remarkable story to tell, and a unique way of telling it. Starting out in abject Tennessee poverty, she rose through a series of careers (teacher, social worker, utility company spokesperson) to land a job as host of what soon became the most popular daytime TV talk show in Arizona, where she interviewed a long procession of celebrities and thought leaders. From that platform, she soon began venturing out into public speaking, and before long she was one of the most popular speakers in the country. She wrote cookbooks that sold more than a million copies, produced infomercials viewed in more than 32 million homes, and was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. (What has this woman not done?)

In 1988, she joined a network marketing company and soon became that company’s president, taking it from $5 million to nearly $1 billion in annual sales over the following twenty years. (If there were a network marketing Hall of Fame, she would be in that one, too.) In the process, Rita has become one of the most well-known and beloved figures in our profession.

Funny Side Up is packed with decades of wisdom, humor, life lessons, and love. Part memoir, part inspirational teaching, it offers intimate stories and life lessons that will inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you may have thought possible.

“Rita and I have so much in common,” writes Dolly Parton in her endorsement on the book’s first page. “We both shared bushels of determination, and neither of us was ever willing to accept what folks told us we couldn’t do.”

Rita has a passion for helping people discover their greatness, and she does it first and foremost by laughing at herself. “Take your business seriously,” she advises, “but don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Whether you are looking to increase the love, laughter, or money in your life—or all three—reading what Rita has to say about it will help you achieve your goal. “I want you to know that if you want it bad enough,” she writes, “the world is yours. So many people don’t think there’s any chance of making anything great of themselves. But there is not only a chance of it, there is a certainty. You can accomplish greatness if you want it bad enough. You have a gift. And when you use it, you are a gift.” Rita is living proof of that.

The two of us have personally learned so much from this amazing woman, and we know in our hearts that you will too!

Paperback, 159 pages, $14.99;
SUCCESS, 2012.