The best way to grow your contact list is to become an attractive person. Times have changed, and I believe the classic contact list we were told to make in network marketing has become a dinosaur.

Today we are so connected that the last problem we have is being in touch with enough people. Facebook, Twitter, email, and our mobile phone’s contact folder offer us far more contacts than we will ever need for building a massive network marketing business.

That said, we still have a challenge to master. The question is not, “How do I increase my contacts?” but rather, “How do I become an attractive person?” In other words, why should anyone take my offer and follow me?

People don’t fail because they lack prospects, they fail because their prospects turn them down. The solution to this problem doesn’t lie in increasing the numbers. This quota-focused, old-school approach was taught for many years, but that unprofessional sort of mass approach is the main factor that has led to our business being perceived negatively in the world at large.

The solution is to increase the quality of our people’s approaches by helping them to become professional, more attractive, and ultimately more successful.

Should you buy leads? Most of us agree this is not the best approach, as our business is based on relationships.

Build with friends and family? Sure, why not! Some of my closest relatives and friends are great fans of my products, and some are even active in the business.

Do home parties? A great approach, as long as you make it a valuable experience for the guests, regardless of whether or not they buy anything or join your business.

Focus on certain demographics? I don’t believe so. Retired, baby boomer, Generation X, Generation Y—network marketing offers a great opportunity for all age groups. Success depends on your dreams rather than what age group you belong to.

Here is what I personally focus on, and I have been working on refining this for years, once I understood the power of attraction. People follow us when we have something attractive to offer, and even more when we are attractive ourselves. Once people want to be like us, live as we do, and have what we have, they are willing to do what we do. It is the be-do-have approach that takes you to success.

There is no shortcut or way around it. Leads and names lists do not make you succeed. Once you understand that you have to constantly invest in yourself to grow into the person who is attractive to others, you will get to the turnaround point where people start contacting you and asking if they can join your business.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It works.

Start working on yourself. Grow and become someone, and magical things will happen.

DR. SVEN GOEBEL has been
a full-time network marketer for
twenty-one years. He built an
international organization by
enhancing the classical MLM
approaches through advanced,
people-oriented leadership and training.