How do I find people to talk to about my business? This is an easy question with a simple answer—because people are everywhere.

After nearly twenty years in the profession, I still believe in starting with your center of influence: your warm market. These are people who know you, with whom you already have rapport, and who will typically listen to what you have to share. That doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily join the business right away, and that’s okay. But don’t make the mistake of assuming they aren’t interested, especially in today’s economy.

It’s been proven that the fastest way to grow a network marketing business is to start with your warm market. Once you have contacted everyone on your list, there are countless ways to create an endless pool of new prospects to add to your warm market.

You can buy leads who have responded to a home business ad. You can run your own ads. You can attend business networking events. You can talk to people while you are out and about.

Or, you can apply my favorite method, and use social media to connect with new people in your local area. is one fantastic online resource that allows you to tap into all types of groups of people who live right in your own backyard. The best way to start using Meetup is to make a list of what you enjoy doing—your hobbies. Do you like hiking or yoga? Enjoy wine tasting or trying out new restaurants? Enjoy beach volleyball, Sunday brunch, or happy hour? These are examples of the kinds of groups you’ll find at

Working with specific interest groups like these allows you to continuously meet new people online and offline. Don’t focus on business groups, where most members are focused on building their own business instead of joining yours.

Also, make a list of the kinds of people who might be interested in your products. If you market a weight loss product, perhaps you might join groups that focus on hiking, fitness, nutrition, and so on. Do you sell skin care? Try fashion, beauty, and baby boomer groups.

Using, you can determine which people you want to connect with within a given group, before you even get to the live event. You can begin building relationships and connections through others’ profiles and discussion boards on the site.

Always remember to build relationships and establish rapport before you present your business. To cultivate friendships and warm up new relationships, ask questions first, and then look for a need that your business might fill and use proper inviting techniques. Use your company tools to share more, just as you would with anyone you know.

With, you’ll find an endless source of contacts for your business, online and offline. Learn the skills to work it right and your business will thrive.

JACKIE ULMER is a network
marketing leader, coach, and author
who built a solid six-figure income
using the Internet while maintaining
the roles of wife and mom.
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