Buying leads is a great way to find new prospects because it duplicates, meaning every person on your team can also do it. However, I recommend cold market recruiting through leads only after you have gone to your existing contacts with whom you have the most influence.

This is precisely what network marketing companies pay us to do: recommend a product or service to people who value our endorsement. Why would a stranger value it more than our friends or relatives?

When you see a great movie, do you go out and buy leads to tell others to go see it? Of course not. You tell your friends—and that’s what we are supposed to do in this business. If done well, this is the most effective means of marketing. If done poorly, it can be the most frustrating.

When approaching your friends and family, don’t try to convince them, browbeat them, or annoy them. Simply share the concept and accept their answer. You wouldn’t want to annoy people by trying to convince them to go see a movie, would you? This is no different.

In addition to targeting your warm market, you can also practice the three-foot rule and strike up a conversation with anyone you come in contact with. I have recruited hundreds of people this way over the years. You just need to compliment people, be friendly, and be excited in a relaxed way about what you do.

The most effective way I have found to grow my team is doing home parties. This creates a warm and comfortable environment for people to show up and hear your message. Also, when people join through a home party, they will often hold one themselves, which creates exponential growth.

When inviting people into my business, I don’t really focus on any one particular demographic, with one exception: I do like to “recruit up.” I do not try to recruit people who are broke; they don’t have the money to join and will only frustrate you.

I prefer to talk to people in their mid-twenties to mid-fifties who have kids and a job or business, and who want more in life. All I care about is that they are ambitious and coachable.

Finally, keep in mind that we are first and foremost networkers. The main reason I try to recruit someone into the business is for that person to lead me to the people he or she knows. In other words, I recruit through people. Every recruit is a doorway to countless others I would never have had a chance to meet and recruit or sell to.

My aim is to always work through my recruits. As I do this, I am on the constant lookout to find the select few who want to do what I do. I then teach them how to lead a team and continue networking through their recruits in the same manner.

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