I will never stop prospecting until I have a genuine residual income. This is the principle I have grown my business with.

Anyone can become successful in network marketing if you have a growing list of names.

Joe Girard, called the greatest salesman in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, said that everybody has 250 people who are close to them and will attend their wedding. These are the first people you must invite into your business.

This is exactly what I did: I invited my friends, office mates, relatives, and classmates—my circle of influence, as Bob Burg calls it, or the people who like and trust me.

I have built a huge organization just from working with my personal contacts. However, as I have grown in the profession, I have learned that I always have to increase my names list.

I tried advertising in newspapers but found that most people were looking for a job with basic salary.

You may have bought the right leads, but you still need to build trust with people before they become your business partners.

What works better for me is to make new friends and build close relationship with them, then see if they will like our business.

I love to work out in the gym and meet new people. I play badminton and golf. People who play between 7 and 10 a.m. usually are businesspeople and are therefore well qualified to buy our products and do our business.

I talk to my children’s classmates’ parents at school and to my church mates. I joined the Parent Teacher Association and got to know the owners of the school. Now they are my friends and partners in the business.

After I build rapport with new friends, I invite them to my home meeting or to a presentation in a coffee shop. Sometimes they ask me what I do and what my products are even before I have a chance to invite them.

What helps me become a trusted friend to many people is my propensity to smile, listen, and talk a lot.

Expanding my contact list has become a habit and a way of life. I know that if I increase my prospecting and fine tune my invitation skills, my commission checks grow. If I can talk to fifteen people this month and two join, why not talk to thirty next month, and hopefully, bring in four new business partners? All I need to do is increase my names list!

I have a system for keeping a record of each candidate I meet. I enter each new name in a mobile contacts group, then transfer the names to the Ever Note app so I can update my list anytime, anywhere.

An ever-growing names list is one of our greatest assets. Grow your list and you will grow our business!

network marketing leader with a large
organization in Asia and the Middle East.

An industrial engineer with a Masters
in Business Administration, Ferdie has been
chairman of his church for the past twenty years.

He lives in the Philippines with his wife and three daughters.