Years ago I adopted an idea that I believe has been a big part of my success: Don’t set a specific time to do your business; do it while you’re out doing what you already do.

I have a car, pockets, and a tote bag (I don’t like briefcases) and I am out and about all the time. I make sure to have the tools of my trade with me or close by. I have magazines, DVDs, and books such as Beach Money and The Four-Year Career. I have business cards and samples of my products. I even have blank index cards for writing down people’s information. I run into people all day long. Some I know, most I don’t.

I have learned to be a conversationalist. At first this was difficult, for I am private by nature, though today most would never know this about me. With practice I learned to strike up a conversation with anyone, whether I knew them or not.

Eight years ago I was broke and in debt, and my marriage was in trouble. I had taken a job out of town working ten hours a day. I missed my kids. I was not even close to where I wanted to be in life. I was forty-five and had made a mess of my life. I had lost all my influence over anyone I knew because of previous MLM experiences in which the companies ended up going out of business.

When I found my current company, I remember telling my wife, Evelyn, what I thought my new venture could do for us. She did not share my excitement and thought I was foolish to get involved with yet another network marketing company.

With very little time left in the day because of my job and the odds stacked against me to turn my life around, I made a commitment to myself. Come hell or high water, I was going to get three people to watch a short video, five days a week.

I knew I couldn’t do this on my own and that leverage was going to be the key to my success. I took my business seriously, but I made it fun and had a lot of laughs at myself along the way.

One thing I would do was tell people I had picked up a part-time job, and that I had to have three people watch this video or I would get fired. I didn’t tell them that I was the boss and I would be doing the firing.

Another thing I did was write $100,000 on the DVD cases. I told people I was in a contest and had to get 1,000 people to watch the video and tell me what they thought. If I succeeded, I would win $100,000.

This was a true statement: I knew that if I would get enough people to join me, I would win the “$100,000 annual income” prize.
Today I have gone way beyond a $100,000 annual income. I no longer live away from home and I spend my time with friends and my family. Evelyn is supportive of my network marketing business and we have a great marriage, not because of the money we make, but because we have learned to work through the challenges of life.

DEMARR ZIMMERMAN is a top income earner
in his network marketing company.
Based in Utah, he has a passion
for fly fishing and helping others
achieve financial freedom.