There is no mystery to understanding what it takes to build a successful network marketing business. It’s all about how many people you connect with and invite to see your business presentation each day, and how consistently you continue to take those actions.

To be able to do so, you need to continuously build your contact list. How do you do that? Traditional network marketing would tell you to create a list of all the people you know, using a memory jogger. This is a great start and can work well, but what if you believe your warm market is just not open to what you have to offer?

Here are two things you can do: 1) Stop caring whether the people on your list will sign up or not. Simply check their pulse to see if they are open. You just might be surprised. 2) Create other ways of expanding your warm market.

Number two raises a few questions:

First, should you buy leads?
It depends on what your expectations are. If you are terrible at talking to people or at connecting and listening, don’t expect that buying leads will get you easy sign-ups. Buying leads may be a good way to practice and improve your ability to connect and listen. If you are already proficient at conversing with people, buying leads is a good way to get even better and possibly—possibly—book some sales.

When I worked as a telemarketer I was told “What you lack in skills, make up for in numbers.” This is true up to a point, but you also need to set the right expectations or you may just get discouraged.

And second, should you do home meetings?
In some company cultures, “Never do home meetings” is a popular imperative. For those who have created influence online, it may be fine to skip this old but proven prospecting method. However, our business is not about what works for one particular individual but about what duplicates throughout the team. My suggestion is, don’t rule out home meetings, at least not just yet. With the rise of e-commerce, business in general is becoming more impersonal. Many people crave caring support and service, something you can easily provide at home meetings—and which you can also duplicate in others.

To further expand your contact list, start determining the type of person you want to work with and find out where this type of person hangs out, online and offline. If you are looking for people who understand the benefits of residual income, you may find them on Robert Kiyosaki’s or Robert Allen’s Facebook groups. Offline you may find them at networking functions.

Go where the people you want to work with hang out, focus on connecting and listening, and you will be expanding your warm market in no time.

RAY HIGDON is a network marketing
trainer and strategist based in Florida.
He teaches people all over the globe
how to create income streams from
home by helpingand serving others.
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