Is there really a simple, fun way to create your own leads without losing your friends and family?

What has worked in our company is to focus on the product first; then, once we have our prospect’s attention, we offer the business opportunity. We utilize several reach-out methods that work for anyone, no matter what their skill level is or how long they have been in the business.

1) The blitz card is basically a coupon concept. The card is the size of a post card and has “what the product is” on one side and “what the product does” on the other side. It includes an offer to try the product, including a free offer for those wanting to host a party.

The blitz card is intriguing and creates curiosity. It allows new distributors to approach people they know as well as strangers they meet at the grocery store, restaurant, bank, and so on. Showing the card takes only thirty seconds, and you don’t feel like you are trying to sell something. We encourage people to team up when prospecting to keep it fun. You can also be a “stealth blitzer” by placing the cards on coffee tables in waiting rooms, bulletin boards, etc.

2) Social media marketing has been very effective for us because our product is so visual. We post a blitz card or our own before-and-after picture. The results speak for themselves, so it intrigues our friends and family. We always ask questions after we post, such as, “Who else would like these results?”

Once a prospect is interested, we offer the possibility to host a party. As the host or hostess, you can try the product for free as long as you have a minimum of six guests who also try the product. We build our customer and distributor base through this party concept. We are not a typical party-plan company, but we love to party. It is a fun atmosphere for demoing the product and at the same time seeing the opportunity.

The most important aspect of generating leads is your belief level. Do you believe in what you are promoting? Are you passionate about your opportunity? This will ultimately determine your success. If your belief level is high, generating leads with a system in place will take you where you want to go.

PAM SOWDER is cofounder
and director of marketing of a
thriving network marketing company.

Her extensive background in
network marketing, hands-on
approach, and passion for the
success of others has created

a strong corporate culture of
“friendships, fun, and freedom.”