No matter how big you grow your contact list, if you don’t contact the people on your list, it’s not going to matter! And before you do, you’ll want to take the time to get crystal clear about your intent.

My business grows when I have the intent for it to grow, when I can envision the terrific outcomes. It doesn’t matter what I do, if my intent is not clear, nothing happens. Or plenty happens, just not what I thought I wanted.

Your intent is either conscious or subconscious.

Take a look at your experience. When you talk with people about your product or service, are they responsive? How might your intent be shaping their response? Are you subconsciously hoping that you won’t bother them or worried that they will feel you are trying to sell them something? Your focus would be quite different—and so would the results—if you created a conscious intent that people experience you as confident and caring, and are naturally attracted to your product and/or opportunity.

To support you in building your confidence and belief in what you do, we just released Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom (available at When we are clear about the integrity of our profession, we ooze confidence. Others will feel this and be attracted to join us. Use Plan C to build your own confidence, then share it with prospective partners (email them the e-book for free!) so they can make an educated choice to join you.

Leaders are readers. To learn more about how your intent creates your reality, treat yourself also to Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, by Dianne Collins. It’s been my bible for the past six months, and I’ve reaped tremendous benefits from applying what I learned. As I practice quantum thinking, I experience how my intent determines who I come in contact with and shapes my discussion with that person. While every conversation is unique, learning to quantum think is duplicable.

As you learn to quantum think, your intuition will become your most powerful ally. Your intent will attract the kind of people you want in your business, and you will be adding new contacts to your list effortlessly every day.
Remember, education changes everything.
See you in class,

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University