Growing Up
Dr. Josephine Gross
By showing individuals how to take charge of their financial future, network marketing presents a potential solution to some of the most pressing problems our global community faces. As economic turmoil forces people around the world to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset, moving from dependence on governments and corporations to taking personal responsibility, network marketing can hugely facilitate this shift. We are part of the solution and our future is bright. One of our profession’s callings is to put power and prosperity in the hands of people who earn their wealth by being servant leaders dedicated to empowering and enriching others.

A Purpose Greater Than Ourselves
Stephanie Ann Vehon
God created network marketing for a purpose greater than anyone has imagined up until now. Filled with opportunities to overcome our fears and obstacles, our business is an avenue to get in touch with our own true essence. We come closer to God through trials and tribulations. In network marketing you will face plenty of those, and often in these times you may have no one to turn to except God—which is precisely why network marketing was created: to make you go within and turn to a higher power, whatever that may be for you. By firmly establishing habits of turning to our Source, we develop faith, and through faith anything is possible. When faith gets stronger, results get better.

Charisma from the Feet Up
Adele Landauer
When presenting from the stage, the words you speak are like musical notes. They can be heard, read and understood, but they cannot touch an audience without an instrument. And that instrument is you—your body and your voice. Just as a musician needs to be trained to learn how to play, so does a speaker. How can you learn to stand with confidence and let your natural self shine? How can you learn to be charismatic? Decide how you want to appear before your presentation begins. Let your body support your message. Develop a sense of mission. Inspire your audience with your presence and intensity. Always show appreciation towards others. Breathe from your core. Make sure everyone in the room feels addressed and involved. And always be authentic.

Turkey: A Wide Open Market with a Promising Future
Hakki Ozmorali
The first network marketing company started doing business in Turkey in 1992. Today, more than sixty local and international companies are doing business in this lively and growing market. According to the Turkish Direct Selling Association, over 780,000 people are enrolled in at least one of its member companies, and network marketing in Turkey posted a remarkable 18 percent sales growth in 2011, despite the sluggish global economy. At the annual U.S. DSA meeting in June 2012, Turkey was nominated as one of the newest members of the worldwide network marketing’s billion-dollar club, which consists of twenty-two countries whose sales volume exceeds $1 billion. This article lists ten important factors that pave the way for our continuing success in Turkey.

Remember to Have Fun!
Marti MacGibbon
Fun will propel you toward your goals more quickly and give you inspiration, motivation and a sense of well-being along the way. Fun is not something to look for outside yourself. It’s something you own, embrace, and develop within as you live in the present moment. It is totally up to you whether you enjoy life. It’s easy to become so overcommitted to reaching your goals or meeting your expectations so that you forget to have fun. Choose to laugh, to feel good, to amuse yourself and others. These are conscious actions and skills that can be developed until they become second nature. Having fun, laughing, and feeling good will improve health and performance, accelerate learning and memory, increase confidence, and empower you to accomplish even more than you dreamed possible.

The Path of Risk
John David Mann
Twenty-five years ago John David Mann had a tough choice to make. He was involved in two network marketing companies and couldn’t keep working both. He chose Company B. Why? It just felt like the right thing to do. Within the next year, Company A closed down its networking arm and went retail. Company B grew, and kept growing. John built an organization with them that has earned him several million dollars. Not all risky choices pay off. John made other career choices that didn’t work out. There is no safe. It’s all a risk. The question is, what do you learn?