Last year networking superstar Orrin Woodward, New York Times bestselling author of Launching a Leadership Revolution, came out with another blockbuster book on how to realize our fullest potential. Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life, was billed as a textbook of instruction that would “take us back in time to recapture the essence of what made America great, while at the same time beckoning us to step up and recapture those principles and begin living them today.”

Inspiring and illuminating, the book was also long—333 pages—and Woodward soon found himself fielding requests for a more condensed version that would be more accessible and easier to read.

Resolved Primer is his answer to that request. Penned by bestselling author and Networking Times senior editor John David Mann, the new Resolved Primerprovides the essential wisdom and insights of the larger book, in the concise, easy-to-read style Mann has made famous in such popular books as The Go-Giverand The Slight Edge.

Everyone wants to live a life of purpose and success, and leave a lasting legacy. Resolved Primer puts that grand goal within everyone’s reach, by articulating thirteen core life resolutions that embody the greatest and noblest of human aspirations in a practical, doable format.

Resolved Primer is designed for use as a one-year program of refinement, character-building, and self-realization. Studying one resolution a week will take you thirteen weeks, which is exactly one quarter. Repeating the cycle four times, thoroughly exploring all thirteen resolutions, will transform your life in just one year, Woodward promises.

The resolutions are organized into three sections: private achievement, public achievement, and leadership achievement:

Whether you are raising small children or teens in your home, leading in a church or other non-profit, working in a corporate setting, or growing a global multimillion-dollar sales force (or hope to), this little book will serve as an instructive and inspiring companion.

Paperback, 152 pages, $14.95;
Networking Times Press, 2012.