Based in The Woodlands, Texas, Rachel Jackson was twenty-one when she first became involved in network marketing six years ago. Since then, she has become the youngest female top earner in her company, a feat she accomplished in about one year.

Rachel considers herself a “six-year overnight success” because, she says, in her first company she learned that her personal development and skills determined her success. This gave her an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement, and she duplicated this mindset in her rapidly growing team.

“I discovered I had very little people skills,” says Rachel “Most people think they are great at working with others. But with 98 percent of the population living paycheck to paycheck, the statistics tell you otherwise.” Once she understood this, Rachel and her team became students of people, focused on improving their social and communication skills. In that learning process, every relationship in their lives improved, including the relationships with their parents, friends, and spouses.

“The best thing I did was to find a mentor to help me with this,” says Rachel. “I was introduced to Dani Johnson and invested thousands of dollars to learn the skills she had mastered to make her a multimillionaire.” Rachel believes your income is determined by your personal growth, regardless of opportunity, compensation plan, or product.

With a relatively small field of just 150,000 distributors in the U.S. and Canada, Rachel’s company is one of North America’s fastest-growing network marketing enterprises. Rachel confides in her winning strategy, “We follow a simple system and focus everyday on getting better and better at what we do.”

Sharing social media tips from the stage at a national conference.

With Tara Wilson, Rachel’s best friend, mentor, and partner in business.

Steve and Patty Rottmann with Rachel and Josh at a company event.

With best friends Bill and Dena Brock on vacation in Whistler, BC Canada.

Myrt and Mike Jackson with son Josh.

Rachel and Josh with their business, spiritual, and financial mentors Dani and Hans Johnson.

Rachel speaking in front of 18,000 company promoters.

The Jackson’s furry children: (L to R) Maggie, Peanut, Moose, and Chanel.

Children from an orphanage in Belize Racheland her team support.

Getting Started
Originally from Wisconsin, Rachel dropped out of college in 2005 to follow the man of her dreams who lived in Phoenix. They got engaged and Rachel started working in retail vitamin stores, a job which she hated.

“I was working seventy hours a week and commuting two and half hours a day,” she says. “I felt miserable because despite of this grueling schedule, as Jim Rohn would say, there was always too much month at the end of the money.”

Rachel’s husband, Josh, then her fiancé, was the one who introduced her to the concept of network marketing. He brought her to her first meeting and said, “Baby, you’d be really good at this.”

Rachel remembers seeing mainly men on stage, most of them in their fifties or sixties, who were making ten to twenty grand a month. Flush with youthful naïveté, she decided if they could do it, she could too. She jumped in and replaced her income within a few weeks, went full time, and stayed with her first company for five years.

“My income never grew with that company,” she says, “yet I saw thousands of network marketers making six and seven-figures a year. It was the lottery mentality that attracted me to this business: ‘Get in! Get Rich!’ they would say. But the truth was, you never knew what those top earners had done before, how much they had failed in the past, how many no’s they’d gotten, and how much they had invested in their skill.”

Rachel believes everybody has to pay the price for success and often that process is under-glamorized in network marketing. “For five years I was dying to be on that stage, but I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t the leader I thought I was. How did I know? Nobody was following me, I was walking by myself!”

Instead of harboring regrets or feeling resentful for her limited success in her first company, Rachel feels grateful for that opportunity. She says it was a chance to cut her teeth, a good training ground, and because she was a prime candidate for network marketing, it gave her a taste of entrepreneurialism.

“My parents split when I was one and went in two different directions,” says Rachel. “My mom went the nine to five corporate path and lived paycheck to paycheck, which meant feast or famine depending on the economy. My dad followed the typical American dream: he started a brick-and-mortar business, and thirty years into it, at age sixty, he still has his nose to the grindstone, trading time for dollars.”

At a young age, Rachel knew she had to find a better route, and since she had no college degree, network marketing just made sense.

Rachel says she left her first company because she was not making the kind of money that excited her, despite reaching a significant rank in the compensation plan. In addition, she felt uncomfortable talking about the product to her family and friends.

“I was searching for a vehicle for financial freedom that I could offer to my entire network,” she says, “but this company didn’t have a system that would allow people to make a significant paycheck in a short period of time.

“Even when I was failing and frustrated, I continued to listen to audios and attend personal and business seminars. Instead of working harder on my business, I worked harder on myself, knowing that I’d eventually find the right vehicle and be able to put my skill to good use. I constantly envisioned leading a team of tens of thousands.”

Finding a Home
After six months of doing solid research, Rachel finally found her current company a year and a half ago.

“After giving something my all for five years,” she says, “trying hard with my blood, sweat, and tears, I had lost faith in that opportunity to create financial freedom for my network of friends and family. What I found with my current company was a duplicable system and a viral marketing method. Before joining, I stalked the company for months and saw people getting in, following the system, and signing up their first few customers or promoters within hours. People were advancing ranks faster than I had ever seen. It seemed as though more people were winning, so it became a no-brainer. I was also super excited to change from a service company to health and nutrition, which is something I’m passionate about.”

Rachel remembers hearing from her mentor that if she was ever going to make a million dollars in network marketing, she needed to impact the masses. “What better way to do this than to attack one of the biggest epidemics in the nation, which is our health crisis and obesity?” she thought.

Shortly after Rachel got started, her support team introduced her to a woman named Tara Wilson who had joined two months before and was already making about $10,000 a month. When Rachel heard this, she told her husband, “I will do whatever this woman tells me to do—even if it sounds dumb.”

Tara took on a mentorship role for Rachel, and soon they became best friends. She gave Rachel a simple three-step system, asking her to get three people to watch a video that day, get them on the phone with her for a three-way call, and book a home party within her first seven days.

Next, Tara instructed Rachel to make a list of at least fifty of her closest friends and family members.

“I had never worked my warm market like this before,” Rachel admits, “but it just made sense: these are the people closest to you, and I’d rather practice my first few calls, presentations, and follow-ups on my mom and best friends than on a stranger!”

Immediately after creating her warm market list, Rachel used the company video to get some of her friends and family interested in joining her; she got three of them on the phone with Tara and all three signed up. This created a simple daily action plan that her team still uses today: Three a Day, Press PLAY, Then a Three-Way: “I reached out to three people a day, asked them to press PLAY on an online video, then set up a three-way call. Simple.”

Rachel felt so passionate about her results she would sometimes stay up past 11 or midnight, just to get her third person to press play. In her first month she enrolled eighteen people and made over $15,000. In the process she helped eight of her team members earn a company car. Her team duplicated this simple method and has grown steadily ever since, averaging 300 customers a day.

Family First
The first person Rachel reached out to was her best friend Dena Brock. She told Dena this was a weight loss program that cost $499 and asked her for her credit card. By the time Dena had a chance to show her husband Bill the video, she was ready to enroll.

Bill and Dena had no experience in network marketing but owned several businesses. They were serial entrepreneurs, Rachel explains. Dena was running three businesses working twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Most people might have thought she was too busy or didn’t have time for network marketing, but Rachel didn’t prejudge. Instead, she asked Dena to give her a few hours a week to follow their simple Three-a-Day plan. Within thirty days Dena earned a company car, and currently, a year and a half into the business, she is making over $200,000 a year residually.

Next Rachel reached out to her parents-in-law, Mike and Myrt Jackson, based in Grants Pass, Oregon. Rachel and Josh had always looked up to them because of their love of network marketing.

Josh shares, “My dad was the first one to introduce me to this business. I saw him attempt many different opportunities with minimal success over the past two decades, but he never lost hope. He and my mom are incredibly skillful with people. They make friends wherever they go and taught us to do same.”

Mike and Myrt earned their company car in two weeks and created a six-figure income in one year. Myrt had always been a homemaker, and Mike drove a truck. They never made more than $55,000 a year before network marketing completely turned their lives around.

The third person Rachel approached was her mom, Patty Rottmann, originally from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, now residing in Magnolia, Texas near Josh and Rachel.

“My own mother said no to me seven times!” says Rachel. “But I didn’t give up. Tara always told me to follow up with people until they were in or they were dead. I took it literally. My mom was fifty-seven, recently bankrupt, fifty pounds overweight, a smoker, and in foreclosure. She battled depression and was living off eggs and toast.”

Rachel insisted her mom got started, even just on the products, and after much reluctance Patty came on board. Within two weeks she had earned a company car.

“She’s now making roughly $20,000 a month,” says Rachel, “and recently retired my step-father and moved him and their horses down to Texas to enjoy their golden years building their team alongside us.”

Rachel says many new distributors are hesitant to call their friends and family, and want to look for silver-bullets on the Internet or “make money, don’t talk to anybody” plans.

“These don’t exist,” she says, “and if somebody is trying to sell you on this, run the other way as fast as you can! Everybody has a Dena, a Mike and Myrt, and a Patty on their list. In fact, you probably have ten. Statistically, you only need about ten to make a million dollars a year in this business.”

Rachel challenges everybody to make their list of fifty and continuously expand it. Her list now has over five hundred people whom she’s gotten to press PLAY, 106 of whom have enrolled as promoters in her opportunity, which in turn has created over 8,000 distributors and 20,000 customers.

Building Leadership
Rachel continues to work on herself and her skills every day. She strongly believes in leading by example, building her contact list, starting new conversations daily, utilizing social media to make new friends, and attending personal growth seminars to meet likeminded people.

“People will do what you do, not what you tell them to do,” she says. “I’m constantly prospecting, looking for new talent, always building relationships everywhere I go. For instance, if you’re in a health and fitness company and you attend a gym, you already have a target audience right in front of you. All you have to do is open your mouth, build rapport, and make friends.”

Rachel’s philosophy as taught by her mentor Dani Johnson is to build relationships first by being a positive example in people’s lives.

“Never look at people as your next business partner or your next sale,” she says, “People see right through that. It’s disgusting and amateurish. Simply nurture and grow each relationship for its own sake, take a genuine interest in others, ask questions, and when and if the opportunity presents itself, bring up the possibility of doing business together.”

So far, of the 8,000 promoters on her team, over 800 are driving a company car. Rachel earned hers in just ten days.

“Our company gives $600 a month to buy or lease any BMW, new or pre-owned,” she explains, “or simply gives you $300 towards any car you want. Those 800 individuals average a couple thousand dollars of monthly income on top of that car payment. We are covering the average American’s or Canadian’s two biggest liabilities: their mortgage and their car payments.

Rachel earned her company car in just ten days, which she says exemplifies her passion for leading by speed. “Our whole team is about urgency. Get it done today. Make your list today. Make the call today. Who can you get to watch the video today? Book your party today!

“We are crushing procrastination in the face. It’s much easier to build fast than to build slow.Do you want results now or later? Let’s take action today!”

Leadership is not always easy, Rachel admits. Even through the all-pervasive culture of enthusiasm and excitement she does have people come to her with challenges, objections, and hurdles. Here is what she tells them:

“The first thing you have to do is shift your focus and mindset. If you are verbalizing all the time that this is hard, that nobody has the money, that people don’t want your product, all you are doing is giving attention to this and you will find more of it. You will attract people who have every excuse not to get started and who are skeptical. Whatever your biggest hang-up or focus is you’re going to find more of.

“You have to shift: This business isn’t hard, it’s simple. This isn’t difficult, it’s fun. This isn’t costly, it’s affordable and your network wants this. What you focus on is what you find.

“Take yourself out of the equation. For example, my current company is growing by roughly by 5,000 customers a day. Everyone uses the same video, the same script, the same compensation plan, the same product, yet 5,000 people a day are saying yes but none of them are saying yes to you. Why are you stuck at a certain rank or volume while other people are catapulting to the top? What’s the difference?”

Rachel insists wholeheartedly that shifting your mindset and investing in your education and skills is what will set you apart in this business. “A surgeon doesn’t watch a YouTube video and then expects to perform open-heart surgery the next day,” she explains. “Dear God, I wouldn’t want him operating on me! So why do you expect to be a rock star in network marketing out of the gate with no training? If you are failing, if you are having objections, you have to seek out somebody who has what you want and do what they do.”

Rachel follows her mentors Tara Wilson, Aaron Fortner, Jason O’Toole, and Nick Sarnicola in plugging her team into regional and national events. “It’s helped our team grow by leaps and bounds,” she says. “The people who attend the events see the most success. Bottom line.”

A Dream of Giving

Their first five years in network marketing, Rachel and Josh poured nearly every dollar back into training and educating themselves. Josh was running an insurance agency and barely kept the couple afloat until they lost everything in 2008.

“It was a humbling experience to hit ground zero,” says Rachel. “But we never gave up on our dreams, and in that process we always kept giving to our charities of choice. We have a passion and a calling to feed the children of the world, take care of battered women, and free kids from sex slavery.”

Four years ago Rachel and Josh partnered with the King’s Ransom Foundation and began donating 10 percent of their earnings to its organizations.

“In our poorest times we gave very little,” says Rachel, “but we gave faithfully. Now we are able to donate a five-figure sum each month, which feeds hundreds of orphans. This business truly has the power not only to set you free financially but also to make a dent in relieving suffering and uplifting humanity.”

Rachel believes everyone wants to be a part of something bigger and leave a legacy on this earth. “We do, in a big way,” she says. “That’s our why. That’s the passion with which we are bringing our team on board.”

Rachel and Josh recently planned a trip to visit an orphanage in Belize that they have been supporting for years. They are doing a matching campaign: for every dollar they raise, they will match the amount, up to $25,000. The orphanage is under construction and still needs a roof and windows, but when finished it will house over a hundred children.

“Money can buy expensive cars, fancy homes, and couture clothing,” says Rachel, “But that’s not our primary focus. We are going to make an impact in as many lives as we can, for as long as we are able to do so. And we’re looking for an army to stand for that cause, to change and touch a lot of lives, not just in our hometown, but all around the world.”