I believe God created network marketing for a purpose greater than anyone has imagined up until now. Filled with opportunities to overcome our fears and obstacles, our business is an avenue to get in touch with our own true essence.

We come closer to God through trials and tribulations. In network marketing you will face plenty of those, and often in these times you may have no one to turn to except God—which is precisely why network marketing was created: to make you go within and turn to a higher power, whatever that may be for you.
By firmly establishing habits of turning to our higher power, we develop faith, and through faith anything is possible. When faith gets stronger, results get better.
Here are five reasons I believed God created network marketing.

1. It works only if you help others. God wants us to help and serve each other. When you help others you are serving God, and you will be rewarded for what you give. God created our business to give more people a way to help each other.

There are numerous ways to help people in network marketing; the most successful networkers support others even when they are not in their organization. Most companies offer online tools and training materials with positive messages you can easily share with others, which is like sharing God’s word. God smiles when we help our brothers and sisters, and in network marketing you cannot succeed without doing so.

2. It provides great wealth. God wants us to be rich—in love, in friends, and in money. The more wealth we create, the more people we can help. It’s much harder to help people if we are penniless ourselves.

God wants us to be successful; it is our minds that stop us from reaching success in life. The same thoughts and beliefs that stop us from achieving success in life will prevent us from succeeding in network marketing.

The beauty of our business is that it helps people eradicate limited-thinking habits. When you eliminate those from your business, you clear them from all other areas of your life, because how we do one thing is how we do everything. Why not use your business to overcome poverty thinking and create success in every area of your world?

3. It is the greatest school for overcoming obstacles. Obstacles exist to make us stretch and grow, to become closer to God and our God-self. People inspire us less by the successes they’ve achieved than by the obstacles they have overcome. In network marketing, obstacles come up constantly. Those who don’t give up are rewarded greatly by becoming stronger in many ways.

How can you receive the success God has in store for you if you quit with every obstacle you reach? When you encounter an obstacle, God wants you to lean on Him and have faith. He will give you the strength to overcome anything and He will live in you through faith. Network marketing is your school for faith.

4. It forces you to face your fears. Network marketing is a solid and secure way to conquer your fears. If you fear rejection, you will encounter it. If you fear failure, you will face it. If you fear loss, you will find plenty of it.

If you fear not being enough, you will face that too. If you fear judgment, you will encounter it.

One way to faith is to face your fears. For instance, what is rejection? When prospects say no, it may simply mean they are following God’s plan for themselves right now. What if we could respond with equanimity, having faith that they are following their own path to God?

What about failure? There is no failure in life, only feedback and lessons learned. If we had learned all the lessons we came here to learn, we would no longer be here. Failure is another way to faith. We must have setbacks to realize our own strength and courage.

If you live in fear of loss, you lose sight of the gifts of the present. In truth, there is no loss, only renewal.

If you doubt yourself or condemn yourself for not doing enough, know that when you do so, you doubt God. If you doubt, don’t expect to receive anything from the universe. God expects you to give only your best. When you do so, you can expect double in return. Never doubt yourself or what God can do through you.

If you fear judgment, get over it. Our human minds tend to think our way is the right way. Yet just as God speaks to you, He speaks to others, and chances are they think their way is the right way, just as you do. Trust and honor the path they’ve chosen.

Stop judging yourself and you will worry less about others judging you.

5. It allows you to love more. When you love instead of judging, you will have no fear. Love those who reject you. Love your failures. Love those who judge you, including yourself. Perfect love gets rid of fear, because fear involves punishment. No fear exists where love is present.

Have you ever been to a network marketing convention and felt the love in the room? Thousands of people come together to celebrate the successes of their peers. When we rejoice in the success of others, our own success increases.

God wants us to celebrate together. Celebration is one of the greatest lessons we can learn. Sometimes we get so fixated on our next goal we forget to celebrate the level where we are and how far we’ve come. Conventions and trainings are a way to celebrate those wins and to gain more knowledge. The more we learn, the more we grow, the closer we get to our Source, and the more success we create.

STEPHANIE ANN VEHON joined her first network marketing
company at age eighteen. By the time she was twenty,
she was making a six-figure income.
Attributing much of her success to her image,
she launched
Image Empowering in 2004 to help
network marketers find their unique style and personal power.