I see the future of network marketing being bigger, better, and more—or to put it more accurately, bigger sales, better marketing, and more openness.
Why bigger sales?

Direct selling continues to grow both domestically and worldwide. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, 2011 sales topped $29.8 billion in the U. S. and $153.7 billion globally, both figures up considerably from 2010. The current total number of direct sellers worldwide stands at a mind-boggling 91.5 million people.

Robert Kiyosaki’s observations in a 2003 Networking Times article, “The Future Looks Bright,” still holds true today. Long gone are the days when individuals were often willing to dedicate thirty or more years of their lives to a single company in hopes of parlaying their loyalty into the proverbial gold watch at retirement. Even though each new generation continues to push the envelope a little more to make more money more quickly and easily, they still don’t want to sacrifice their freedom to make that extra money.

This is why network marketing has become so attractive to so many people: by allowing people to retain their freedom in addition to becoming rich, it essentially gives individuals the opportunity to “have it all.”

Why better marketing?

The Internet and social media have become key variables spurring the rapid growth of direct selling in recent years. As a result, those individuals and companies willing to embrace the Internet and social media as powerful relationship-building tools and highly effective methods for training will certainly reap the rewards.

I predict we’ll see a future not only where traditional party planners will incorporate more online relationship-building into their marketing strategies, but also where traditional online network marketers will focus more on face-to-face relationships. In a time when high tech has often replaced high touch in many industries, direct sellers are essentially forging the way by marrying the best of both worlds.

Why more openness?

A growing trend I have seen in the last few years is the slow death of scarcity mentality. I’m confident we will see more collaborative efforts being created between direct selling individuals, trainers, and companies. As this happens, we will certainly witness far fewer non-compete clauses in distributor contracts.

I envision a time in the near future when a direct seller at a jewelry company will benefit from the teachings of a direct selling executive at a nutrition company, and vice versa. As we grow as a culture and learn more about the power of abundance thinking, we will learn to share our wisdom more freely, and everyone will benefit.

All these trends equal one thing in the end: better lives for us all. Direct selling is fast becoming a business at the forefront of creating better lives financially while also giving people the opportunity and freedom to grow personally and emotionally.

Bigger, better, more is the future, and the future is now.

DANA WILDE is the founder of The Mind Aware
and creator of
Train Your Brain, a program
that helps network marketers and direct sellers
leverage the power of their minds and
use Intentional Action to grow their businesses
more quickly and easily.