It’s amazing to ponder how much the world has changed in just the last ten years, and then begin to imagine how different it will be ten years from now!

Those network marketing companies, organizations, and leaders who adapt to these dramatic changes will reap incredible benefits over the next five to ten years, as amply demonstrated by those companies and organizations who are already embracing new media and growing revenues.

At the same time, the fundamentals of network marketing will remain unchanged. Our profession is and always will be a shining example of the spirit of freedom, ingenuity, and entrepreneurialism that free-thinking, freedom-seeking people around the world can resonate with. It is a grassroots economy built through social connections and relationships.

Network marketing has always been a voice for a growing trend toward self-reliance, and community. The Internet is also a powerful force empowering more and more people to discover new possibilities and options for independence.

What excites me is that the network marketing model was perfectly designed to benefit from and work together with all these latest developments in technology and improvements in communications. Network marketing is a social business model. As social technologies, the Internet, social media, and mobile phones are powerful tools that assist network marketers in communicating and sharing their stories and recommendations with more people, in more countries, in more ways, in less time, and with less effort.

I see network marketing rapidly embracing the latest technologies as companies, leaders, and individual distributors quickly adapt and learn how best to utilize these tools. I see the network marketing profession growing stronger and becoming much more widely accepted by more and more people as we become ever more social and connected globally.

I believe there has never been a better time to create your future in the network marketing profession.

NORBERT ORLEWICZ is a successful entrepreneur,
Internet marketer, and trainer.
He cofounded a marketing and training platform
for network marketing professionals desiring to learn
master online marketing.