The future of network marketing is brighter and more exciting with each passing year, as it becomes a more widely accepted, proven system to sell products with less distribution costs.

One of the biggest factors in its growth is the fact that people nowadays are more connected on so many levels. Social media and mobile devices enable us to communicate in real time with very minimal cost. The Internet made multimedia interaction possible and gave people the means to strengthen relationships regardless of distance.

At the same time, one must be skilled in balancing high tech and high touch to create real connection with people. Developing your personal brand, being authentic, and creating an engaged audience is what will help people to position themselves at the cusp of the mainstream movement of network marketing.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well today, caused by our need to diversify income sources in the midst of a daunting global economy. High unemployment rates are pushing people toward starting their own businesses. The result is a vast pool of people who are more inclined to listen to your networking pitch and eager to know more about your products, not only as consumers but also as potential networkers. The networking business model is growing more appealing, and as the business goes mainstream, past skepticism due to a history of pyramid scams is receding into the background.

There was a time when network marketing was often seen as something only for desperate people itching to make a fast buck. Today it has gained a solid reputation as the best way to distribute products. Direct selling, which is at the very heart of network marketing, not only makes business sense, it also taps into people’s basic needs: community and human touch. Today network marketing is at the fashionable stage, with millions of people proudly telling the world about the brand their network carries.

The companies that will thrive in the future are those that favor social media and a mainstream marketing message. With a dynamic culture in both high-tech and high-touch network marketing, these companies will attract not only baby boomers and Gen-X people but also those of Generation Y, who represent a powerful buying power and comprise the largest generation on the planet and the driving force of the future. Thus, only those companies with knowledge of the future of network marketing will succeed in venturing out and conquering better markets by devising new marketing strategies and techniques.

With a mainstream approach and top business leaders such as Warren Buffett, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and many more becoming a part of this profession, the timing to be a part of it and establish yourself as a great leader could not be better.

EVAN and ELLA KLASSEN have been
active network marketing leaders since 2008,
building an international team of over 14,000 distributors
in twenty-three countries.
They are inspired to lead the movement
of a new era in network marketing
combining high tech and high touch.