Magic is in the air.

A friend of mine flew into Houston to host a meeting and over 800 people showed up—on a weekday. Another friend emailed me about a meeting for her team in Finland with over 1,000 people—a team that started less than a year ago. Another friend was excited to have 7,000 of his team members at a convention this weekend in Utah — he started his business just four years ago. Yet another friend from Canada shared that he’s had his best year ever, topping a million dollars in personal annual earnings. Another was in a massive, packed-out stadium in Indonesia speaking to team members from dozens of countries with vastly different cultures and beliefs—all holding hands as one.

Every person I just mentioned is having success in network marketing, and that’s just news from this week. I could keep going for pages with success stories from the last few months.

Recently as I checked in at the airport, the man ahead of me opened his wallet and I noticed a network marketing company logo on one of his credit cards. While in the security line, I spotted a box with a network marketing company name on it. I saw two people wearing network marketing specific gear, another wearing a network marketing product, and another eating an energy bar from a network marketing company.

I coach Little League soccer, and at the games I regularly hear parents talking about how a network marketing product or business has affected their lives in some positive way.

If you’ve been waiting for the profession of network marketing to move beyond the “obscure” and “ridiculed” phases, guess what? We’re already way past that. We are smack in the middle of the “popularized” phase, and I have a feeling we’re hurtling toward the “self-evident” phase.

So what does the future of network marketing hold?

We’ve seen social media and technology accelerate the growth of our business model, which by its very nature is social. We’re seeing a shift from accessing your back office on the web and mobile-friendly websites to being completely app-based.

Forget the computer that keeps you at your desk; all you need is your smartphone. Everything you need to build is at your fingertips, 24-hours a day. Need to locate a meeting? Open your app and let your smartphone’s GPS find the nearest one. Have a few extra minutes? Let the app show you who on your team is closest to hitting the next pin level—tap her name; the phone dials for you. Your sales volume, personal qualifications, and promotions—it’s all right there at your fingertips. Want to sign up a new customer or distributors while you’re still with them? No problem! It’s all part of the app.

Soon we’ll see apps delivering “good news” to every distributor through push technology. Every time a new sale happens, a new customer or distributor joins, or a new auto-ship runs on your team, whenever someone signs up for an event, anytime there is any good news, you’ll know it, because it’s pushed directly to your app. Your team members will get addicted to the flow of good news. They’ll be showing their friends. It’ll build their belief like crazy—and retention and activity will soar.

I predict new companies will launch their entire distributor back office solely in app form. It’ll be simpler, faster, and cheaper, and it will create a more empowered, energized, and effective field organization.

We’re seeing companies re-invent their messaging, making it easier and faster to enroll distributors and customers. I predict the trend towards higher customer acquisition will grow even more prevalent. We’ll see a growing distinction between people who are a great fit as network marketing entrepreneurs and those who are happy just using the product. After all, not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. With an increased number of loyal customers per distributor, we’ll see the average volume per distributor move from a $100, to a few hundred dollars, to $1,000 or more; this will create bigger and more stable bonus checks from smaller distributor organizations.

I predict non-network marketing companies and corporations will begin to openly endorse and support our business model. Not just because of its growing popularity, but because they recognize the PR value they’ll get in return. Network marketers are hungry for validation from the outside, and the companies who give it will see a lot of social play and a great ROI—especially the first few to do so.

I predict network marketers will be seen as “job creators”—from the people on our teams who are successfully building their businesses, to more employees at the corporate home office, to the employment sustained by the events we host (hotels, restaurants, event planners, and production companies), the employment created through the shipping of our products, the creators of the products we personally buy as our wealth increases, and so on.

I believe we are at a critical moment on a chart that is about to skyrocket upwards, from our current $139 billion in annual global sales to over $200 billion. Fortunes will be made.

Marketing shifts will happen and market share will be taken from traditional distribution. And as our profession becomes more and more successful, others will want a piece of the success, and therein lies our biggest competition: not each other, but an Amazon- or a Google-type company recognizing the power of our distribution model and incorporating parts of it into theirs. The good news is, we are community builders—and as long as we continue to focus on people, we will be extremely difficult to replace.

Network marketing is a beautiful profession. It’s built upon a structure where you must help others in order to succeed. Its backbone is one of personal growth and self-development. It’s a business of building people up rather than pushing them down.

I predict the greatest wave of network marketing growth ever seen is coming—and many of you have positioned your-selves perfectly to ride the wave!

ART JONAK is founder, with his wife Ann Jonak,
of the Network Marketing Mastermind Events,
a successful network marketing leader,
and widely respected trainer