When you want to predict the future, it often helps to study the past.

If history is correct, I believe everything is about to change in network marketing. And at the same time, nothing is going to change.

Take a look back over the last thirty to forty years of network marketing. This profession has always been impacted by new technology. The advent of inexpensive long distance service changed it, and so did the coming of affordable conference lines, call waiting, and caller ID. With these advances in technology, the telephone became a finely sharpened tool and gave us the ability to hold affordable conference calls, to make three-way calls, and to determine who was calling us. Now we could pick and choose with whom we would talk, and could also speak with more than one person at a time, which allowed us to build nationwide and even worldwide, quickly and easily.

Then came the VCR and with it the ability to move our presentations out of meeting rooms and into living rooms. Suddenly parents didn’t have to leave their children behind to go attend hotel meetings three nights a week. We could sponsor someone who lived clear across the country, send him a videocassette (or ten), and help him build a team as easily as if he lived down the block.

Then along came the Internet, and everyone wondered, “Should we or shouldn’t we?” Even today, leaders in the profession still sit and banter about whether the Internet was a benefit or a distraction. But the bottom line is that technology is not going away. It’s going to keep changing faster and faster. The Internet is here to stay and being used heavily by everyone—the billionaire on his yacht and the person climbing out of poverty in the public library.

We are in a revolution where everybody, and I mean everybody,is going to have a computer in her pocket. Millions of people around the world are acquiring smartphones every day.

So will everything change? Yes, because we will now be making presentations out of our pockets anywhere, anytime, quickly and easily.

At the same time, nothing is going to change.

We saw this with the dawn of the Internet. There was a short period of time when it seemed that the ability to recruit thousands of people was at our fingertips. But we learned pretty quickly that recruiting in that fashion didn’t necessarily build thriving downlines. We’ve seen a full-circle return to teaching the fundamentals of communication, prospecting, building relationships, team-building, and of course, leadership. Those fundamentals will never ever go away and never really change.

So what does the future of network marketing hold? A return to classic values and classic skills, but with the adoption of high-tech tools that will help us spread the good news of network marketing faster than any of the founders of  network marketing ever imagined.

DIANE HOCHMAN is a thirteen-year home business veteran
who is a sought-after speaker and trainer in the arena
of business-building via social media and video.
She hosts the Diane in the Morning Show
on the Home Business Radio Network.