The most compelling question about the immediate future of network marketing may be, “What will drive our profession in the next five years to become as accepted and mainstream as real estate and insurance?”

The eighties took us above the radar with the fax machine, video cassettes, and conference calls, and the nineties introduced the innovations of web presence and e-commerce. The 2000s expanded the web-driven aspects of our profession, but it was in 2004 and 2005 that the introduction of online video and social media became a genuine game-changer. These technologies took our profession into an acceleration phase that has dramatically sped up the processes of prospecting, selling, recruiting, and team-building, and transformed just about every other part of the business as well.

Mobilization is network marketing’s next game-changer. Within the next five years, mobile marketing and mobile recruiting will become as normal as the Internet and social media are today. Right now many companies are already discovering the power of mobilization, and it is accelerating their growth dramatically.

Mobile marketing, mobile team-building, mobile recruiting, mobile webinars, and mobile leadership will drive our profession to a powerful new place in the world. In fact, I predict that multilevel marketing will soon equal mobile marketing, with the bulk of a leader’s actions coming from some form of mobile device as doing business becomes more agile, mobile, accessible, and portable.

I believe this will help elevate our profession to a place of more mainstream acceptance, equivalent to that enjoyed by real estate and insurance.

Many more professionals will migrate into our profession as it grows more mainstream and becomes a more viable business model to traditionally thinking entrepreneurs. Better technology and software will become a driving force in our profession. This will attract and pull more professionals into the network marketing space. Yes, there are already many professionals working in the home business space, but this is nothing compared to the tidal wave of professionals coming in the near future.

Having a more complete media presence, including media broadcasting, with its own 24/7 radio and television network, will enable network marketing to attract even more professionals who demand that level of progress for their industry.

DOUG FIREBAUGH is a veteran networker
and coach to networking professionals
with over twenty years of experience.
Doug also is
executive producer for
Home Business Radio Network