Network marketing is poised for explosive growth. In the years ahead, there will be a rapidly increasing number of people in every country wanting to become entrepreneurs.


First, because large companies are going to be displacing increasing numbers of people—letting them go or giving them early retirement—as technology allows these companies to become more productive and more efficient with fewer employees.

Second, there are many industrialized nations with aging populations. For example, the United States has 78 million baby boomers, and many of them are choosing to retire into work. Many have not saved enough for retirement and will need to work, while others simply don’t want to become idle, and want a meaningful retirement that provides both satisfaction and income. A large number of both groups will become entrepreneurs.

Finally, there are many young people who are disillusioned with the bigger companies. They are realizing that the only way to control their destiny is to create their own company.

As a result of these three hard trends (“hard” meaning that they will occur, rather than might occur), many people will be asking, “What should I do?” These people will be looking at the amazing opportunities in becoming an entrepreneur. Network marketing provides a fantastic model for people all over the world to become entrepreneurs, because there is a built-in system for success.

Technology will not only displace workers, but it will also redefine network marketing itself.

In the recent past we lived in the Information Age, where we informed people of an opportunity, usually via an in-person meeting. Today we are in the Communication Age, which is dynamic, interactive, and creates new value fast. As more network marketers embrace social media, where they can stay engaged with their downline, upline, and prospects, communicating and collaborating in real time, they’ll see their businesses grow faster and wider than ever before.

Additionally, thanks to visual communications platforms like Skype, network marketers can use their computer, smart phone, or tablet to have one-on-one or one-to-many video presentations with prospects and business associates around the world. No longer are you limited to prospecting in your geographic area.

Because bandwidth, storage, and processing power are accelerating, the quality of visual communications is so good that you can have an increasing number of people on the video call at a time when presenting the opportunity or training new team members.

Of course, visual communications will never eliminate in-person meetings, but it will definitely make building a global network marketing business easier for anyone, anywhere.

The tools to rapidly accelerate the growth of your network have never been more powerful and affordable. Thanks to smart phones and tablets, social media and many other transformative technologies, network marketing is positioned to grow faster and stronger than it ever has don’t wait, shape your future today!

DANIEL BURRUS is co-author of Flash Foresight
with John David Mann.
Considered one of the world’s leading technology forecasters
and innovation experts, he is a strategic advisor
to executives from Fortune 500 companies,
helping them to develop game-changing strategies
for capitalizing on technology innovations.