We all know, leaders are readers and learners are earners. So, out of the thousands of books being published every month, how do you decide which ones to read? At Networking University we ask our faculty for their recommendations and present them in this column. Here are some books, DVDs, and programs that will help you grow as a leader, build your success, and keep you entertained in the process.

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The Top 10 Distinctions Between Entrepreneurs and Employees
By Keith Cameron Smith (2012)
Foreword by Sharon L. Lechter

Starting, owning, and running a successful business can bring personal and financial freedom as well as a profound sense of accomplishment, especially in times of turmoil. In this powerful guide to achieving independence, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Keith Cameron Smith shares ten crucial principles to help you make the leap from follower to leader, including:

Entrepreneurs have an empowering perspective of failure. Employees see failure as bad. Learn to see setbacks not as a form of rejection but as feedback to help you learn and grow.

Entrepreneurs are solution finders. Employees are problem solvers. Instead of focusing on problems and short-term fixes, seek out permanent solutions that save time and money.

Entrepreneurs look into the future. Employees look at the past. Choose where you want to go, take consistent steps in that direction, and work toward it relentlessly.

“Even if you can’t start your own business,” says Smith, “you can make positive changes right now, in your cubicle or your corner office, by adopting an entrepreneurial spirit.” This book will help you take control of your career and your life.


Lead with a Story
A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire
By Paul Smith (2012)

Storytelling has come of age in the business world. Many successful companies use storytelling as a leadership tool. Some forward-thinking business schools have even added storytelling courses to their curriculum.

Stories have the ability to engage an audience the way logic and bullet points alone never could. Whether you are trying to communicate a vision, sell an idea, or inspire commitment, storytelling is an effective business tool that produces results.

Lead with a Story contains both ready-to-use stories and how-to guidance for readers looking to craft their own. Designed for a wide variety of business challenges, the book shows how narrative can help:

  • Define culture and values;
  • Engender creativity and innovation;
  • Foster collaboration and build relationships;
  • Provide coaching and feedback;
  • Lead change;
  • And much more.

Whether in a speech or an email, communicated to one person or a thousand, storytelling is an essential skill for success. Filled with ready-to-tell stories waiting to be retold, plus a winning formula and templates for creating original stories yourself, this practical resource can help you become a master business storyteller.


The One Command
Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind
By Asara Lovejoy (2012)

According to The One Command, the most powerful self-help tool every man, woman, and child has available to them is their own brain and biology.

“It was a very small mental adjustment that gave me access to everything—health, money, peace of mind, relationships, and much more,” says Lovejoy, who began commanding her wealth creation by accessing her theta mind in 2007 when she faced financial ruin.

In The One Command, she introduces a unique approach to accessing innate human intelligence by command in theta mind state. Lovejoy calls this level of intelligence Source Mind, which she believes is the seat of creativity and mastery. This, says Lovejoy, is where all possible solutions to increase wealth, health, and happiness can be found and made real with absolute certainty, every time, like clockwork.

The One Command demonstrates how to stop negative thoughts, remove any limits to becoming wealthy, and to “reboot your mind” for greater success and overall well-being.

The book’s key message is that every human being is hard-wired to be wealthy, and proceeding from that premise, the book shows, step by step, how you can eliminate thoughts of fear and lack and attract riches easily and effortlessly.


Restart the Heart—and Pump Life into Your Dreams
By Jordan Adler, Ørjan Sæle, Donna Johnson, and Ken Dunn (2012)
Foreword by Art Jonak

Four top leaders from different network marketing companies met on a tropical island for a relaxing vacation. Sitting on the beach, enjoying the sun and waves, Jordan Adler, Ørjan Sæle, Donna Johnson, and Ken Dunn engaged in a dialogue, discussing a common topic in our profession: How to restart a team member in the network marketing business.

A brainstorm of ideas ignited. “It’s like having an MLM heart attack and needing CPR!” someone said, which sparked the core idea of this book: why not create a story that illustrates this concept by revolving around an actual heart attack?

Recognizing that they were having an extraordinary moment of collaborative creativity, the four entrepreneurs decided to record the session and capture their interaction, uniting their power-packed tips and nuggets into a fictional story of business success and failure, based on their own life experiences.

In the book, a Chicago cop named Kurt Dungy comes face-to-face with a tragedy that changes the course of his and his family’s life. The dramatic plot is filled with characters who survive a series of scenarios, through strategies, philosophies, and techniques to “restart the heart and rediscover the dream.” Find out in this page-turner how MLM CPR was able to revive Kurt and his dream.


The Arab World Unbound
Tapping into the Power of 350 Million Consumers
By Vijay Mahajan (2012)
Recommended by Dr. Charles King

This groundbreaking book reveals the myriad opportunities presented by the Arab world, a market that collectively wields the ninth-largest economy in the world with 350 million consumers. Based on firsthand research, including hundreds of market visits and interviews at companies doing business in Arabic-speaking regions the author shows how globally interconnected and vibrant the Arab markets are, and provides in-depth analyses of its various segments:

  • He puts a spotlight on Arab youth, a burgeoning segment of the population with an important and growing influence on business and culture.
  • He details the immense consumer power of the expanding Arab middle class.
  • He focuses on the vital role of women in the marketplace, as consumers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and economic contributors.
  • He describes how technology, media, and entertainment have reshaped the ways the Arab world works and communicates.

Finally, he considers the Arab diaspora and its influence around the world and within the region itself.

Dr. Charles King, international marketing expert and president of Networking University, comments, “Even though this book strongly promotes the Arab culture and marketplace, it still offers an expert perspective for anyone interested in expanding their business in the Arab world.”


The Ultimate Key to Happiness
How to Be Happy All the Time, No Matter What’s Going On Around You
By Robert Scheinfeld (2012)
Reviewed by Randy Gage

Lots of people are trying to find happiness. But I don’t think you find it—you create it. So just how do you create happiness?

Obviously, millions of people aren’t able to create it. Certainly millions of others find it in millions of different ways. And while happiness means different things to different people and they may seem to get there in different ways, there are some universal principles that transcend all the variables.

There are also some things you may not catch, some things only apparent through deeper reflection and some critical discernment. That’s where Robert Scheinfeld’s new book comes in.

The Ultimate Key to Happiness is a fascinating read. It looks at the subject in a way you’d never expect, from the hidden motivators that cause you to do the things you do, to why happiness doesn’t last for most people; from the lies you may have bought into that keep you from being happy, to how your mind processes input.

I’m all about being mindful of the programming you’re exposed to, how that creates beliefs, finding the beliefs that empower you, which change your daily actions and results. Scheinfeld approaches this process in his own unique way.
I think you’ll find it mesmerizing.