I love the theme of this issue. Nothing is more important to me than education. (That's why I'm the Dean!)

The importance of bringing you valid knowledge is

supreme for all of us here at Networking University. We know you depend on us to select the best resources and bring you training that truly supports you in building your business.

Top leaders all concur: they continue learning every day. They are constantly reading, listening to master networkers and leaders in other fields, searching for those nuggets that fuel the mind and feed the soul.

No matter what your level of formal education, you can learn what it takes to be successful in our profession. According to the latest U.S. Direct Selling Association National Sales Force Survey:

According to these numbers, the remaining 7 percent of direct sellers didn't even graduate from high school. In our profession that's no problem; everyone is welcome. Your success will be fortified by your commitment to learn and help others, and measured in your growth, from where you start to how far you go. Through personal and professional development, anyone can enjoy the benefits our profession offers.

Network marketing is one of the few careers where you can earn a full-time income by working part time. The same DSA survey reports that:

You will find even more impressive facts about network marketing in my new book, Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom, available at NetworkingTimes.com. I wrote it to educate you—and to help you educate others—about the true value of our business. Use it to bolster your own belief in our profession and to help others decide if this is the right path for them.

All of us at Networking University are committed to supporting you in building a successful career as a
professional networker. Plan C is one more way we meet that commitment.

See you in class,

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University