Before I began my network marketing career in 2008, I taught physical education and health in the public school system. Over the past four years, I've come to recognize the significant role that obtaining a college degree, my experience teaching others, and the continuation of my education through personal development have played in my success in network marketing.

My educational background and teaching experience gave me the skills to train and mentor others, and to effectively demonstrate to my teammates how to successfully build a network marketing business.

Anytime a person is able to complete something such as a college degree, it is the result of a solid commitment. This profession requires the same commitment to yourself, your family, and your company. Without true commitment and dedication to your team, education, and personal development, long-term success is nearly impossible.

To be successful in this business, one must also become a lifelong learner by continuing to develop a greater understanding of people and the business. Those who fail to master the skills of being able to work well with others will typically become frustrated and quit.

A common misconception about network marketing is that one can be too educated to become involved in this type of business. People with this outlook are simply undereducated on the potential of the opportunity at hand. In truth, network marketing attracts many highly educated people who are looking for residual income and time freedom. They see it as a second-chance career where they can quickly learn the ropes with little to no risk involved, and where they can truly leverage their time.

The rising popularity and significant earning potential of network marketing is debunking the old myth that a college degree is the only educational route that leads to a successful career and financial security.

The need for education will always exist. In order to remain relevant in today's economy, educators need to take a serious look at current curricula and adapt them to prepare young people for entrepreneurship and businesses such as network marketing.

JASON KELTNER is a happily married father and former
teacher who became involved part-time in network
marketing at the age of twenty-seven. After ten months,
he went full time, and four years later he became a
top income earner in his company.