When you are fortunate enough to understand the true meaning of education and immerse yourself in a sound educational program, you no longer have to be concerned about the economy from a personal perspective, because you're on the road to creating your own economy.

Dr. James B. Richards wrote a wonderful book in 2010, Wired for Success, Programmed for Failure. The title reveals why so many people are struggling. We are wired for success: our spiritual DNA is perfect; it requires no modification or improvement. It is our programming, both genetic and environmental, that leaves most of us in a state of confusion.

We're programmed to believe we're getting an education in school. If this were the case, many of those who have earned degrees would lead more prosperous lives.

Science and psychology have both clearly indicated that all knowledge and all power are evenly present in all places at the same time. Tie that to the fact that the word education is derived from the Latin verb "educo," meaning to educe, to draw out from within. This would lead us to believe that we already have everything we need, and that education is simply a matter of becoming aware of how to tap into our inner resources. Fortunately, we've been given the tools to do so.

We are God's highest form of creation. Properly utilized, the mental faculties we've been gifted with enable us to create the life of our dreams. Unfortunately, our programming has us living through our senses, permitting the outside world to control our mental state.

All other creatures on the planet are completely at home in their environment—they blend in. We are the only species that is largely disoriented in our environment, and this is because we've been given the faculties to create it ourselves.

Albert Einstein was referring to these faculties when he said, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. The rational mind is an obedient servant. We have created a world where we honor the servant and have forgotten the gift."

Properly developed, our higher faculties would reveal the genius in all of us. The intuitive mind enables us to communicate with our spiritual essence. When we pray, we're talking to God, and through our intuition God is talking to us.

If we're able to teach children two or three languages before they're old enough to go to school, we should be able to teach them effective exercises for developing their higher faculties—perception, intuition, memory, will, reason, and imagination.

We don't have a learning problem; we have a perception problem. We see limitations as obstacles that prevent us from executing the marvelous dreams that we pull into our consciousness through the proper use of our imagination. These dreams represent our real opportunity and drawing them out from within is the true purpose of education.

Please join me in congratulating the editorial team of Networking Times for making education the focus of this issue.

BOB PROCTOR is publisher of Networking Times.