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Sean Stephenson
Lead Story:
Sean Stephenson

Shaiand Yaffa Samuel
Master Networker:
Shai and Yaffa Samuel

Carlos and Cecy Marin
Master Networker:
Carlos and Cecy Marin

Jean-Pierre and Régine Desroses hspace=
Master Networker:
Jean-Pierre and Régine Desroses

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The Mindset of a Giant
Sean Stephenson, star of the Biography channel television documentary Three-Foot Giant, was born with the genetic disorder osteogenesis imperfecta and expected to die at birth. Despite his extraordinary challenges, the diminutive speaker/author has become a giant in the world of personal development and professional achievement. He has shared the platform with His Holiness Dalai Lama, Stephen R. Covey, and Sir Richard Branson; has worked on Capitol Hill as legislative affairs intern for a U.S. Congressman and in the White House with President Clinton; and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CNN, and The New York Times. This year he completed his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and is a board-certified hypnotherapist. We recently spent a delightful hour on the phone with Sean talking about life, achievement, marriage, and network marketing.

From Israel with Love
Shai and Yaffa Samuel are an Israeli couple who lead a network marketing organization of 50,000 people spread over twenty countries. In 2006, it looked like the Samuel family had it all. They lived in Haifa, Israel, a beautiful city on Carmel Mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Both Shai and Yaffa had good jobs with nice salaries, but they were in high-pressure careers and wanted to create passive income and more time freedom. When Shai stumbled upon network marketing, he immediately knew it was his opportunity. Shai and Yaffa decided to launch a business in the middle of the 2006 Lebanon War that was raging through their city. Their dedication, focus, and willingness to coach and be coached allowed them to grow a solid international business.

Passionate about People
Carlos and Cecy Marin are network marketing leaders who have built organizations totaling over a million people throughout their career. A Cuban immigrant, Carlos first got involved in network marketing in 1982 when he was a struggling insurance broker looking for a better way to reach his goal of becoming a millionaire. Even though network marketing didn't bring him immediate financial relief, he stayed in the business because of how the personal development he received there was benefiting his insurance business. When Carlos finally decided to give network marketing his full focus, his network began growing exponentially, and within a few years it encompassed several hundred thousand people in North and South America and Western Europe. A few years later he met Cecy, who became his partner in both life and business.

Culture Clash
Jean-Pierre and Régine Desroses are a Parisian couple who lead a sizable network marketing organization spread out over France, Belgium, the Antilles, and the United States. Régine was working as a midwife and Jean-Pierre was finishing his medical degree when they each stumbled upon the same network marketing company. They both started building a business and met each other two years later. They got married and have been each other's rock in business and in life ever since. Some of the challenges network marketers encounter in France are of a different order of magnitude than most of their American counterparts can even begin to imagine. "To be an entrepreneur in France is like being a rhino in the jungle," says Jean-Pierre. "You just have to develop thick skin and keep charging ahead."

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