In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina ravaged my hometown of New Orleans. I sat in a hotel room watching the tragic news, knowing that half my team members were losing their homes. I was devastated.

We were told we would not be able to go home for three to six months. My husband had to return home because of his job, but my daughter and I headed to Florida and stayed with my sister. A month after we arrived there, my husband became ill—and I knew my place was at home, no matter what the conditions there.

When I arrived home, it was awful. I knew I had to start rebuilding my business even as I started repairing the extensive damage to our home. I had to be strong for my family and for my team. If I was going to rebuild my downline, I had to set the example. I had to help other representatives in my area who were finally making it back home; I had to be the leader God planned for me to be.

I noticed that there were only a few stores open, and I saw an opportunity for sales.

Over the next three months I went out every week and set up tables of product on the side of the road. Many people had still not returned home. I had lost half of my team: from 725 consultants, it went down to fewer than 300. It was very hard to find people, because all our phone lines were out, including cell phones.

However, I was determined. I had to be their hope. I had to show others how to get back to business, no matter what. I wanted to show them that it was okay to dream again, and that we would be okay as we all rebuilt.

No matter what you have to go through, you have to keep moving forward.

It was not easy. It was a struggle and challenge every day, yet I persevered. One by one, other team members began to follow. I ended that year with over $100,000 in personal sales, and was awarded my company's Women of Enterprise award for 2006—one out of three million.

Network marketing has allowed me to become more than I ever expected. It has allowed me to become unstoppable and get to work to make things happen and go after my dreams, to do my very best while encouraging others to join me. It allowed me to be the example.

Network marketing truly gives us the opportunity to reach for the moon—and touch it!

KAREN TUCKER lives outside of New Orleans
in the small town of Belle Chasse, Louisiana.
She has been a stay-at-home, entrepreneurial
mom for twenty-four years. She is a Senior Executive
with her direct sales company and has earned
numerous sales, recruiting, and leadership awards.