All the latest research concurs: happiness is not so much the result of success as it is the condition that engenders it. In network marketing, we know this to be true: who will join your business if you are unhappy and struggle doing what you do? Why follow a leader unless he or she is a role model for achieving greater joy and fulfillment?

How can we cultivate a joyful state of mind while facing obstacle after obstacle and stretching to achieve our goals? That's where Code to Joy comes in.

"We are meant to be happy," say coauthors Drs. George Pratt and Peter Lambrou. In their latest book, coauthored with our senior editor John David Mann, they share a revolutionary program for rediscovering (and then never letting go of) our innate state of happiness in four simple steps.

In the foreword, Larry King quotes coauthor Pratt whom he interviewed for his talk show:

"Whether it's an unresolved hurt, persistent low self-esteem, or vague sense of anxious unease, most of us struggle with some version of what we call the fog of distress. It clouds our lives, interfering with our relationships, our careers, even our health. And no matter how many hours you spend on the couch, talking it through just doesn't always do it."

"Why not?" asks King.

Pratt explains, "Because there's typically a disconnect between what we logically know about ourselves and the place in the brain where our emotions live."

To find a way around this conundrum, Pratt and Lambrou spent the past several decades exploring tools from conventional psychology along with new methods and insights from a new field of research and treatment called energy psychology. The solution, they found, lies in addressing a third aspect of the human organism, one that bridges the gap between mind and body: the biofield.

Both practicing clinical psychologists, Pratt and Lambrou administered more than 45,000 individual treatments with remarkable and reliable results. They then adapted their approach into a simple protocol you can administer yourself, as described in this book:

Step 1: Identify. Look back for an early painful event whose impact has cast a shadow into your world.

Step 2: Clear. Neutralize the negative belief that resulted by realigning your body's natural electrical polarity through breathing and neuromuscular techniques.

Step 3: Repattern. Permanently release the self-limiting belief and install an opposite, empowering belief.

Step 4: Anchor. Apply an anchoring hold, a powerful exercise ensuring that the results of the first three steps will be deep and long-lasting.

Pratt and Lambrou's program has already transformed the lives of countless professional athletes, top executives, and celebrities. Code to Joy can transform yours, too, with all the science-based tools and guidance you need to complete the process of becoming a more focused, more powerful, and more deeply joyful you.

Hardcover, 248 pages, $25.99;
HarperOne, 2012