I'm thrilled to share an exciting announcement with you: one of the most eminent authorities in the network marketing space is joining our faculty this fall.

Since 2003 Networking University has been building a sound curriculum to support the educational and professional development needs of our profession. With over 100 faculty members offering more than 200 courses, NU provides the most comprehensive network marketing education platform available in the world today. Given the dynamic nature of our profession and its explosive growth worldwide, the need for focused and integrated professional education and skill development is greater today than ever before.

Our commitment is to bring the best experience to support your success. Toward that end we have created the new position of president of Networking University.

The NU president will provide overall guidance and direction to the University faculty and staff. New discussions will take place with both corporate and distributor leaders about immediate and long-term challenges facing our profession. We intend to reprioritize the learning needs of our profession and sharpen NU's focus on providing you with tailored educational seminars and courses. Most importantly, we recognize the need for specialized offerings for our international students, including those hailing from the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Dr. Charles W. King, professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has agreed to join NU in the position of president. Dr. King's role will be to track changes in the profession, define the position of NU in this context, and structure its educational programs.

Dr. King has been a researcher, educator, author, and consultant to the network marketing profession for over twenty years. In 1994 he cofounded the first network marketing seminar ever sponsored by a major educational institution, the University of Illinois at Chicago. With his doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard University and bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Texas, Dr. King is simply the best person to lead our University into the age of the entrepreneur.

All of us look forward to working with Dr. King and providing you with the best support we can to achieve your dreams in this amazing profession. Dr. King will also be contributing a regular column to Networking Times starting with the next issue. Until then, see you in the classroom!

Remember, education changes everything.

GLENN HEAD is Dean of Networking University since 2003.