How did I end up living in an empty condo with no furniture and nothing but an air mattress, dream board, and box of clothes? How did I end up selling all my possessions in order to survive, only to have my car disappear and be escorted by a sheriff out of my condo and onto the street, where I found myself asking for free food from restaurants and strangers?

In 2008 obstacles were everywhere—and I had no clue that I was the one creating them. My thought pattern was, "Why did this happen to me?" Never once did I look in the mirror for the answer.

I needed food, money, better health, a car, better friends, and a better lifestyle in general. The funny thing is, deep inside I believed I could achieve anything—but I didn't have the vehicle to take me there.

What happened? I found network marketing. On Day 1, I realized that this new venture would grow my mind. It was not going to be fun, but it sure was new.

My life started getting on track. I began learning how to talk to strangers, how to communicate better, how to understand finances, residual income, leverage, and so on. With every step I took, there was a mentor there, guiding me, congratulating me, reassuring me that I was growing—and instilling belief in me that I could learn from everything I was doing.

If you're not willing to grow your mind, nothing else will follow. When I think of the word "obstacle," I think of the power of our minds—and of how exciting obstacles can be.

If you choose to turn every situation and new occurrence into a learning experience, you will become a machine of knowledge. You will constantly grow your mind and at the same time fuel it with a confidence that you will begin to recognize, keep feeding, and eventually share. As you share your confidence, people will follow it, and as they do, your network will grow.

As your network grows, your belief in yourself as a leader grows—and your check will grow, too.

As your check grows, so will your life experiences and ability to travel, and as you travel, your network will grow yet farther.

The most important asset network marketing will instill in you is that you will become a great leader who grows others into leaders. Network marketing can create an empire of leaders and a business that lasts a lifetime.

What is the difference between the 2008 Jeremy who was asking for free food and the 2012 Jeremy sharing his $63,000 check with family and friends? The difference is simple: he chose to believe in network marketing.

If you choose to believe that network marketing will work for you, it will. If you don't, it won't.

JEREMY GILCHRIST grew up in the small
town of Zanesville, Ohio, and graduated from
Ohio University in 2003. In 2004 he suffered
a life-threatening skull fracture, and upon
recovery he moved across the country, living
in eleven different cities. Building businesses
and acting in films were his life until he
lost everything in 2008, at which
point network marketing found him.