Online video enables us to get face to face with prospects and customers, regardless of our geography. By integrating this powerful medium into our business efforts, we can now automate our personalization and have the best of both worlds.

I use video extensively for content sharing, welcoming new clients or prospects, sharing my story, and for product education and frequently asked questions.

Should network marketers make their own video or use company videos? It depends. Using other leaders' videos can be helpful in a recruiting or closing phase, but sharing your knowledge and your own personal story will brand your inner circle more closely to you. However, when you first start, it's easiest (and likely most comfortable) to use your upline or company materials. And make sure to be very clear on what your company's legal guidelines are on using trademarked images, keywords, product claims, and so forth.

Here is my number one guideline for online video: short is sweet! No one wants to hear you ramble or belabor a point. I like to use short videos as a drip series for training prospects or new folks. Don't overwhelm them or drown them in things to watch, learn, and do.

When you record video, lighting and audio are key.

My big secret is that I don't use fancy lights. I face an open window. (Never place your back to the window, a common mistake.) The light catches in your jewelry, lip gloss, and eyes for a trust-inducing catch light that makes you come alive.

Don't wear clothes that distract from the message. Don't use a background that is too fancy or too cluttered. For keeping the message clear, simplicity seems to work best.

Don't overly script your video. I like to put one to three key bullet points on a Post-it® note, tack it to my monitor, and shoot. If you stumble over a word, guess what? That makes you human!

Smile more than you think you have to. Typically when you think you are looking pleasant, you are actually looking impassive. Be warm, welcoming, and animated.

For the best audio, find a quiet area. If you're in a crowd, use a mike. Good audio covers a multitude of sins.

Don't worry about fancy editing, graphics, or lots of transitions. Many of my most effective videos are shot with a hand-cam and uploaded raw, with no editing at all.

My experience as a high school teacher and mom of four kids has taught me that we all learn differently. To accommodate all learning styles, you need to cross-post content on a variety of platforms. If you focus on just one medium, you're missing out on the other learning modalities. Have your videos transcribed, strip the audio, and post the content in different places. Give your audience a choice of how they like to learn.

CARRIE WILKERSON, the "Barefoot Executive,"
has provided videos, podcasts, masterminding,
mentoring, and live speaking to over 100,000
small business owners. Her passion is teaching
others to "fill their stadium" with fans so
that marketing is easy and business is abundant!