I See You
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Most people today would rather watch a video than read a page of text. The television/Internet/videogame generation grew up with so much visual stimulation that their brains simply aren't wired to focus on words alone. In addition, video is revolutionizing the way we learn and communicate because it addresses different learning modalities by combining image (visual), sound (auditory), and movement (kinesthetic). Yet the universal appeal of video sharing has to do with something even more fundamental: our hunger for shared human values.

Networking Tribes
Orrin Woodward
One of the best-kept secrets of network marketing is its ability to create a culture of community, trust, and reciprocity. Reciprocity creates speed, because people learn that deposits made into the community will be reciprocated, even without a ledger account. The tribe, through building trust, creates a culture of reciprocity, which, like a tide raising all ships, lifts everyone within the tribe. Ideally, network marketing provides a community of fun-loving, purpose-driven encouragers who help others experience acceptance and belonging. Over time, the new community's models of servant leadership give its members the permission and the courage to confront and change themselves.

Just Shoot It!
Art Jonak
Online video is quite possibly the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to attract traffic, convert visitors to subscribers, and increase sales. Yet many people are so afraid of doing video marketing that they end up not doing it at all. They think it'll take too much time, or cost too much—neither of which is true. Since most people avoid creating videos, this creates a big opportunity for you. The beauty of video is, you know when it's bad. So you just need to learn a few tricks to separate yourself from the amateurs. In this article Art shares a few shortcuts he has learned.

The Ultimate Sales Tool
Pam Lontos
Which are you more likely to believe: a sales representative telling you how great his product is, or a recommendation from another person about how it worked for her? For most of us, the words from a fellow consumer pull more weight than even the best written ad copy. That's why, no matter what you're selling, you need to use testimonials from satisfied customers in every marketing approach you take. Unfortunately, few distributors actively seek out testimonials from their customers, and when they do get them, they don't use them. Collecting and using a list of strong testimonials is easier than you may think.

Are You with Me?
Nido Qubein
Listening may well be the single most important ingredient for effective communication. Hearing is the natural response of our ears to sound. Listening is using our ears and our mind to pay attention to what the person in front of us is saying.

If you are a professional network marketer and an effective communicator, you listen to your prospect. By listening you invest yourself in the concerns and needs of your prospect. Good listening usually requires self-discipline, and sometimes self-examination. If you experience difficulty listening to what others say, this article lists some factors that may be causing the problem.

Boost Your Business with a Talk
Patricia Fripp
Are you looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business? Have you ever wondered what a higher visibility in your community could do to increase your results? Have you ever listened to a speaker at a Rotary, Kiwanis, or breakfast club meeting and thought, "I could do better than that!" Chances are you can, so why not get started? Speaking before a group of strangers may be slightly intimidating at first. However, it can be the beginning of many long-term relationships. Start today and with time you will sharpen your skills.

F.E.A.R.—Forget Everything and Run
Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez
One way to counteract fear's adverse impact on your life and career is to identify the type of fear that might be driving your actions—or lack thereof. The best way to combat any fear is to hit it head on. There will always be obstacles that make reaching your goal seem impossible, and it takes discipline and tenacity to stay on track toward your destination. Recognizing the specific fears that are holding you back is the critical first step toward breaking free from emotional paralysis and living a more carefree and fulfilling life.

Shooting Dinosaurs
John David Mann
Compared to the analog technologies we used in the nineties to create videotapes, digital video takes no time at all to create, because it's already digital as you shoot. The total cost of the equipment needed is zero, because all the equipment you need is already built into your laptop or even your phone. Upon discovering the principle of leverage, Archimedes said, "Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world." Digital video is one seriously big lever. Go move the world.