Sing Your Song
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
The world is increasingly turning to its women for vision, talent, and leadership. When female leaders are present in significant numbers, the bottom line improves—from financial profits to the quality and scope of decision-making. Since most of us are open to and intent on bringing more women on board to help build a better world, why do we keep seeing a gender gap in leadership, with an average of only 18 percent of female leaders at the top of most professions? Studies show women are at least as capable as men, and that many are eager to lead. What is holding us back? In this all-women issue, we asked contributors how they became confident businesswomen and top earners in their companies.

Take Charge and Shine
Rosie Bank
To shine in network marketing requires that we take a firm stand at the helm of our ship. Often we will be encouraged to do more, care more, connect more, and dream bigger than ever before. The limitless possibilities and continuous encouragement to stretch and grow can help us discover strengths in ourselves that otherwise might never have come to the surface. Taking a stand for what we want and moving toward it boldly will make us stand out in the crowd. For anyone who has only known what she wanted through the eyes of others, or by trying to live up to what others thought she should do or was capable of doing, this is transformational.

Let's Play T.A.G.!
Marian Head
Marian says her success in network marketing is directly related to using what she call the Revolutionary Agreements, as outlined in her book by the same title. These are primarily agreements with herself but also serve as agreements with her team members and loved ones. The twelve Revolutionary Agreements fall into three categories, which she refers to as the pillars of a good life: Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude (T.A.G.). Marian encourages you to take the time to create your own agreements or borrow hers. When you make a covenant with yourself to live in truth, acceptance, and gratitude, you will attract the kind of people that you enjoy working and playing with—a proven recipe for success in network marketing.

V.I.B.R.A.N.T. Marketing
D'vorah Lansky
Many network marketers are missing the boat when it comes to effectively marketing online. Networking online is much like networking in person: it is about building relationships first and about selling second. When you focus on relationship-building, you'll find that some people want to do business with you or get involved with your business opportunity because they want to be connected to you. When marketing online, there are seven powerful activities you can participate in as a way of growing relationships and thus growing a vibrant business. This article describes them with the acronym V-I-B-R-A-N-T, each letter representing an essential facet of online marketing.

Going After the Wrong Prospects?
Sonia Stringer
While your business opportunity can help different kinds of people, you need to know who your ideal prospects are. When looking for new leads, focus your efforts on one or a few target markets. Narrow the field even more by asking: 1. Are these people motivated to change? 2. Does this market have enough money, and will they spend it? 3. Are there plenty of prospects in this market? 4. Can you reach this market easily? By going through this litmus test you'll be able to identify the exact kind of prospect who is perfect for your business. The next step is to create a simple plan for building relationships with as many of these prospects as possible.

Being Is Believing
Ana Gabriel Mann
How do women become confident and powerful in business or in any other aspect of life? Too often as women we accommodate and follow. We take a path we may not fully resonate with because we want to do the "right thing" or be a "good girl." We allow our ambivalence to lead instead of our clear intentions. Does your self-talk embrace confidence, or ambivalence? We can blame our lack of success on circumstances we see as outside our control. Yet the confidence to define things differently is always within our control. Confidence is not about belief in something outside of ourselves. It's that true place inside where we know what we want.