It's hard to imagine, sitting in my new home with papers just signed and boxes still unpacked, that not long ago I was nearly unable to come up with the next month's rent.

That was June, 2009. I was close to hitting bottom when hope came knocking on my door in the form of network marketing. I did not know anything about this profession or what it had to offer; the only thing I knew was that I had nothing to lose.

While grateful to be employed, I was uninspired by my job, and my hands were more than full as a single-income parent to a dynamic preteen daughter. Flat broke, I felt trapped and without any better options. For years I woke up saying, "I don't want to go to work today." I had an inkling something better was out there, but the comfort of what was familiar and fear of the unknown were holding me back from looking.

When I discovered network marketing, I was a woman with low self-esteem and severe anxiety. Within a few months I broke through my limiting beliefs of I can't! and I'm scared! to a place of Bring it on!, I can!, and I rock!

How? I enrolled in a personal development seminar. Identifying and releasing beliefs that held me back emboldened me to go out and conquer the world.

Invest the time and money in yourself to help you achieve all that you deserve in your life, regardless of where you are now. It definitely paid off for me. I started seeing the world as my oyster. With my new can-do attitude, life became limitless.

On my very first leadership call the top earner shared his monthly income. I set my first goal right then: within one year, I would make six figures a month. Granted, I had zero experience as a network marketer and no knowledge about what a compensation plan was, but I was excited. When I shared this with a friend, she laughed in disbelief.

I think most of us have had our bubble burst, at one time or another, by someone we trusted and confided in. Often these people themselves are trapped in their own limiting beliefs, and can't help but try to keep others down as well. But I've worked too hard on eradicating my own limiting mindset to fall victim to anyone else's. When someone tells me I can't, I become even more determined to succeed.

I suppose I should thank that friend for the challenge she posed. In only two years as a network marketer I have earned what would have taken me twenty-seven years at my old job! If only those dream-stealers knew what they were missing.

Our roles as women can pigeonhole us: mother, wife, caregiver, and more. But what about the multitude of experiences that have shaped us along the way? Each of us has so many unique, diverse talents from all we have done in our lives, abilities we might not even realize are advantageous skills. For example, I have been a steersman for a paddling crew, which taught me how to inspire a team. I have trained and worked as a massage therapist, and that allowed me to build my intuition and learn to read people well.

We have more in our tool kits than we tend to acknowledge. Network marketing is the place where we can cash in on all of it: our failures, successes, and other life experiences.

Harriet Tubman said, "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world."

Let your vision carry you to the heights of your success.

For me, my daughter was my inspiration. I wanted to be certain I could keep a roof over her head and know I could spend her vacations with her instead of always worrying about finding a program to stick her in during the holidays. I wanted to be able to send her to college. I wanted to be her role model and show her that she could achieve anything she put her mind to.

Then there's my big-picture vision of all the lives I'll touch, the leaders I will help to grow, and how much I will give back to the world. I plan to leave it a better place because I was here.

It is important to spend the time to define your life goals and dreams. With the roadmap of your vision written down and reviewed frequently, you won't get lost.

I love watching the individuals in this profession step up in their leadership. It is so rewarding to see a woman who can barely speak in front of a group get up on stage, share her story, and touch someone in the audience. Witnessing her step into her power and seeing the ripple effect she will create in her world because she took that risk feeds my soul. Leaders building leaders in a world where we are so leadership-deprived is by far the most rewarding aspect of this profession.

It amazes me how many powerful woman and men I have met since becoming a network marketing professional. I have gained much of my knowledge from successful men within the profession, too, and I am very grateful for their teachings.

I love the fact that here, gender simply isn't a factor in being successful. For me, gender is like the color of our skin. It simply doesn't matter. Our profession is full of wonderful, complex human beings, raising each other up. I think the boundaries of gender are only something we place on ourselves.

As women, we can be incredible mothers, teachers, nurturers, leaders, mentors, partners, athletes, friends, visionaries, world-changers. It's up to us collectively to honor ourselves and know we can

accomplish anything and everything we set our minds to.

KIMMY EVERETT has been a professional network
marketer for two-and-a-half years and is the top earner in her company.