Everyone recognizes leaders with presence. They stand out for their seemingly innate ability to command attention and inspire commitment. But what exactly is this secret quality?

Executive coach, leadership consultant, and contributor to Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com, Kristi Hedges says presence is cultivated at the intersection of outward influencing skills and internal mental conditioning. It's directly linked to your ability to get noticed, forge trusting relationships, and get others on board with your vision.

To help leaders realize their full presence potential, Hedges developed the I-Presenceā„¢ model, based on her experience working with Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs. The model includes three equal parts: communication aptitude, mental attitude, and authentic style.

According to Hedges, anyone can acquire the skills to inspire and motivate by focusing on the three core aspects of presence that form the three parts of her book:

Intentional: Determine the type of presence you want to cultivate and the values you want to convey, and how they match up with the way people currently perceive you. In this part, you learn to monitor the messages you send by how you spend your time, how you move your body, and how you dress; crack down on negative self-talk and overcome nervousness and insecurities; and make incremental changes to your presence that resonate with meaning.

Individual: Presence doesn't require being above others or having all the right answers, says Hedges, and she urges leaders to stop striving for perfection. In this part, you learn how to connect and build trust with individuals at all levels; how to balance competence with vulnerability; and how to find your own style of empathy.

Inspirational: To achieve its maximum impact, presence must motivate and inspire others. In this part, you learn to set clear aspirations and declare them with confidence; confront and recover from failure; stand out while simultaneously fitting into a culture; and wield the power of language.

Particularly relevant to network marketing leaders are the specific presence considerations for entrepreneurs, women, career changers, and young professionals listed in the appendix.

"Presence is the great equalizer," Hedges writes. "It has the power to bring people to you, and to open any door. It works for introverts as well as extroverts; it works without regard to position or level of power. And best of all, it has nothing to do with becoming someone you're not; rather, it's about being more of who you already are."

Filled with profiles of leaders with powerful presence, takeaways from the latest neuroscientific research, and self-directed exercises, this easy-to read, insightful guide will help you rid yourself of self-limiting behaviors and strengthen your presence in every area of life where you are called to lead.

Hardcover, 240 pages, $22.00;
AMACOM, 2012.