"We've been trying to communicate for years now and we just haven't been able to connect.
I think I'm ready to give up."
"Males!! It's that sort of attitude that got US in this mess. Probably time we helped them out."

Word Find
The answers to the clues may be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards and backwords.

Started the Savvy Women Leadership Academy.

Said, "Being a woman is hard work." Average percentage of women in leadership positions in the world.

T.A.G. stands for (3 separate words)

She writes for MSN.com and Seventeen magazine.

Jess Weiner's first passion.

Christy Maltman is from here.

Christy followed this system for creating a large network marketing income.

Christy's "bible" book.

Asha Krishnan was born here.

Asha started working at what age?

This lady inspired Asha at her first convention.

Janine Avila has how many children?

Janine Avil's alter ego.

What does "B" in V.I.B.R.A.N.T. Marketing stand for?

Puzzle Answers