While leadership is a universal human quality, there are certain leadership traits we generally consider more feminine. We think of women as nurturers, care-givers, counselors, and cheerleaders. Women traditionally tend toward hearth and home and put their families first. We are there for everyone else and sometimes known for sacrificing or sublimating our own needs.

What happens when a woman steps boldly out of this mold? How do her colleagues, friends, and family respond when she takes charge of her finances and makes her business a priority? What happens when she makes more money than her husband? How do others perceive her when she works in the evenings, travels on weekends, and sets financial goals for herself?

"What will my friends think?" is a common concern women have when considering starting a home-based business. This stems in part from the fact that for a woman to branch out on her own goes against her traditional role of bread baker or support partner. On the other hand, others might perceive her as self-determined, a brave risk-taker, a smart and savvy business woman, and someone in charge of her life. Network marketing gives women the chance to embrace this perception others may hold of her and fully step into it.

For us self-determined types, network marketing is the perfect environment because we are rewarded for our passion to be all we can be while helping as many people as possible along the way. It is practically a perfect world: no rigid schedule, no supervisor saying what we can or cannot do or, most significantly, who we can or cannot become. For women who have not previously met their inner drive, they may discover they are capable of reaching heights they never imagined.

Here are some distinctions between the culture of network marketing and other professional environments.

Reinventing Ourselves

For a woman to make the decision to shine in network marketing requires that she take a firm stand at the helm of her ship. She will be encouraged to care more, do more, connect more, and dream bigger than ever before. For women who have made career decisions based on pleasing others or to blend in with the crowd, a career in network marketing affords an opportunity to move forward in new and exciting ways.

The limitless possibilities and continuous encouragement to stretch and grow can help us discover strengths in ourselves that otherwise might never have come to the surface. To be role models for our daughters, sons, husbands, friends, and family as women who know what we want and are willing to go after our dreams enriches ourselves and everyone with whom we interact. Anyone who takes a stand for what she wants and moves toward it boldly will stand out in the crowd. For anyone who has only known what she wanted through the eyes of others, or by trying to live up to what others thought she should do or was capable of doing, this is transformational.

"What do you want?" is the first level of inquiry for someone being invited to consider network marketing. Some women never asked themselves this question. Personal transformation begins as soon as a woman looks into her soul, perhaps for the first time, to answer that question. Women committed to achieving their dreams by passing the mantle to others whom they lead is bound to make the world a richer and brighter place.

ROSIE BANK is the founder of Manifesting
Vision International. She is a seasoned network
marketer, speaker, and trainer. Rosie is the
author of
You, Inc., Own Your Business, Own Your Life through
Network Marketing.