In the early 1990s, prior to becoming involved with network marketing, I developed a week-long seminar called Living Mastery. An important part of the course was to teach how to release the blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving our goals and living our lives fully.

I found this work deeply satisfying and was not looking for another business, when a ground-breaking nutritional supplement and outstanding network marketing company found me.

As a part of my course I had created a series of empowering affirmations or intents. Participants would state an intent, then release any reactions that arose, and eventually arrive at a place where the intent felt true in that moment, which in turn would support them in moving forward in their lives.

One of these intents was, "I am a successful businesswoman."

For most women (me included) it was at first challenging to state and believe this intent. Many of us questioned whether we could ever be successful businesswomen. Certainly neither our lives nor our culture confirmed this. (Even today, women comprise only 15 percent of the boards of Fortune 500 companies, even though women make 85 percent of purchasing decisions.)

Despite this, I trusted the process and embraced my new identity as a successful businesswoman and began taking focused, massive action consistent with my intent for success. Network marketing became the perfect environment for experiencing and expressing my new, more confident and successful self, and within the first year our checks began proving that I was in fact a successful businesswoman.

I now know that it was my stepping into this intent that caused circumstances to rearrange themselves around that intent. In other words, I attracted to myself the success I had begun to resonate with.

Today, everywhere I look I see women stepping up. Last year three remarkable women, two from Liberia and one from Yemen, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a talk in December where she highlighted "the growing body of evidence that shows how women around the world contribute to making and keeping peace, and that these contributions lead to better outcomes for entire societies."

Women's voices are desperately needed to bring greater balance into the world, and I believe women entrepreneurs are a critical part of this movement. We are being called to step into our own destinies with confidence as we develop our leadership skills and reach out to others in our communities and beyond. I challenge all of us, especially as women, to take full advantage of what is available within our own companies and businesses for us to become and express all that we are meant to be.

MARION CULHANE and her partner Louis Kunz
have achieved the highest level of leadership within their
company. Marion is a founding member of her company's
Associate Advisory Council and co-facilitates the Women
of Worth special interest group. Her recently published
Authentic Success: Creating the Life You Love
to Live, is available at