Women are our own greatest enemies when we fall out of balance and forget about ourselves.

I strongly believe women have an equal opportunity in network marketing. We are strongly attracted to this business because it is so well suited to us, and this is why we make up such a large majority of this profession. It is a business that allows our natural skills and talents to flourish. However, I've noticed that women in this business often do not achieve as much as they deserve to achieve.

Success starts with self-confidence and the belief that one is worthy of success. Too often I see women still conditioned by self-limiting beliefs that they are less worthy or less capable than men, or obstructed by men in creating their success. And limiting beliefs can sometimes provide an easy exit path when we encounter challenges.

I don't believe we have to work harder or sacrifice more than men do to succeed in the same way. Not only are women not less likely to succeed in anything, but in many ways we are more talented and capable. I think it is this philosophy that has allowed me to focus on my dreams and goals.

On the other hand, sometimes our greatest assets are also our greatest challenges. The wonderful female skills and talents that support a sense of community are, at the extreme, our greatest barriers to our own success.

Sometimes we put others' interests before our own. But helping others is constructive only to a degree that we are not sacrificing our own being, confidence, or success.

One of my greatest challenges in this business has been knowing exactly when to stop helping someone. I often found myself wanting success for others more than they wanted it for themselves. I wanted to save other women and help them too much. I have found that inspiring others is a more effective path than thinking I need to save them.

We need to look at developing a leadership style in which leading by example is the focus, where we lead by providing others the inspiration to develop their own strength. To have a strong team we must create strong leaders, and to create strong leaders we must become strong role models.

It is easier for us to find the confidence and self-belief to succeed when we are balanced in our lives overall. When we give enough to our family, but not too much. When we give enough to our team, but not too much. When we give enough to ourselves to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle that enhances our mental preparedness and focus.

We are the force. We are the community. It is for us and because of us that this profession exists. Let's become role models and give the future generations of female leaders a reason to believe it is possible.

Originally from Slovenia, MASA CEMAZAR has a B.A.
and a Masters from Oxford University and a
Ph.D. in molecular genetics. She spent ten years working
in medical research and more than twenty years
pursuing her passion of dressage horse riding. Masa has been
in network marketing for six years; she and her fiancé
Miguel are the founding distributors for their company in
Australia and have developed a team in more than twenty countries.