The Legacy of Network Marketing
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
The difference in our grandparents' perspective on life is that today, even though we have our own challenges, we know we have a choice in how we respond. Reading Napoleon Hill, watching The Secret, and going through other personal development materials has taught us that we can create a better life right now instead of looking to future generations for hope and change. How wonderful to be in a business that every day encourages us to dream and grow, that frees us to discover and live our purpose. May we proudly carry this noble legacy of our profession into 2012 and beyond.

How to Be a Memorable Leader
Jean Kelley
While there are many great leaders in the world, not all of them are truly memorable—that is, they don't all leave an impression that lasts beyond their current accomplishment or focus. But being memorable is essential if you want long-term success. What makes one leader memorable and puts another in the "out of sight, out of mind" category? It comes down to three key elements: 1) Know who you are and be honest with yourself; 2) Know your vision, communicate it, and live it; 3) Be willing to learn and teach others. Develop these characteristics in yourself and you, too, can be a memorable leader.

The Power of Perseverance
Don Hutson
Why do most people easily give up? What are the differences between those who do and those who don't? Motivation is a key issue. Both anticipation (your goals, visions, and objectives) and discipline (your work ethic and determination), properly handled, can take you to new heights. Studies show that goals and resolutions barely exist until you get them in writing. When you write a goal down you can see it, show it to others, or display it on your refrigerator as a reminder. When you don't, you have not yet informed your subconscious mind of that goal's importance. This article outlines six barriers that keep our goals from becoming a reality, along with some tools to break through those barriers.

Networking to the Rescue
Chris Brady
Many people have circled their financial wagons, loaded their last couple of shells into their employment shotguns, and are firing their final shots into the job market, hoping to hit the mark. More and more it seems that around the globe the old formulas aren't working. What people need is something different, something better, some solution they can utilize to take control of their own destiny and fight their way out of their current financial ambushes. This article takes a look at the financial Wild West in which many people find themselves stranded, and how network marketing can offer them a way out.

The Beauty of Appreciation
By Dr. Marcy Axness
Until recently, our survival throughout human history has depended on remembering every detail of how we survived threatening events. However, in order to thrive in the twenty-first century and beyond, we need to prioritize the positives of human experience—gratitude, appreciation, and connection. Our attitude and focus create a subconscious template of perception that filters the millions of incoming bits of life's information and captures those bits that match our initial proposition. Can you see how quickly this becomes a feedback loop, spiraling either up or down? This article offers some proven ways to interrupt that loop if it's spiraling downward.

The Business for the Rest of Us
John David Mann
When the first Macintosh came out, it enabled John David Mann to turn his homespun, locally-based journal into a national magazine. Four years later he produced Upline, then Network Marketing Lifestyles, then Networking Times—all of them on ever more sophisticated Macs. Simply having a Mac doesn't automatically make you productive. Likewise, a good network marketing opportunity doesn't make you a success. Those achievements take what they've always taken: determination, persistence, focus, and hard work. What the Mac and MLM do is make success accessible—to anyone.