Have you ever wondered what your life's purpose is? Or been faced with intense fear just as you're about to step into your dreams? If so, this powerful true story about overcoming fear may be just the kind of encouragement you need.

Flying High is a fascinating illustration of how two people's meeting caused a larger effect than first expected. The original plan of author and songwriter Stowe Dailey Shockey was to chronicle the life and teachings of one of Tennessee's most colorful characters and successful businessmen, Calvin Lehew. Remarkably, it was the very process of creating the book that helped rescue the author's own life.

The story starts in January 2009, eight months after Stowe has been diagnosed with cancer. She is feeling low and in survival mode. She and her writer/filmmaker husband, Peter, begin meeting with Lehew at his office at The Factory, the popular Tennessee retail emporium he created years ago, to discuss writing a book and making a movie about their shared vision and the power of thought. Stowe and Peter want to teach the world what Calvin knows to be true from his own life: that from your thoughts and feelings come the words you speak, and from those words comes your life.

Stowe is immediately struck by Calvin's high energy and positive attitude. This initial encounter is the first of a series of meetings that bring to life a number of universal principles, such as "what you think about you bring about" and "it is the heartfelt emotion behind what you say that brings power to your words."

In the first foreword of the book, fellow songwriter and country music legend Naomi Judd writes:

"For creative thinkers like Stowe, and really any of us, the imagination is a wild stallion that we either master, or are trampled by. If you are struggling with adversity of any kind, whether sickness, financial, or just trying to figure out your purpose in this world, there's something precious in this story for you."

Rita Davenport, whose close friendship with Calvin Lehew forms the backdrop of two of the book's chapters, writes in the second foreword:

"Reading this book was an emotional experience for me. I was reminded once again of the many wonderful principles I've learned from this great teacher. And now, through Calvin's work, thousands of others will be able to discover some of the principles for living a fulfilling life."

Well written and easy to read, with a message of hope that rings from every page, Flying High is a life-affirming resource for challenging times that proves beyond a doubt that "within every adversity lies a seed of greatness." This moving story will linger with you and perhaps even call you back for a second reading to mine a few more of its valuable lessons. Prepare to be inspired!

Paperback, 226 pages, $17.99;
Balboa Press, 2011.