The concept of legacy has always played a central role in my life in that my work has been to build on my father's vision and expand it for the twenty-first century. Growing up as the son of Petter Morck, I only gradually became aware of the depth and scope of his legacy. Today the vision he created more than thirty years ago is what drives me and makes me jump out of bed in the morning.

My father grew up in Norway during World War II as the youngest of three children. He came from a humble background and left his country at an early age to become a merchant marine.

His travels brought him to the United States, drawn by this country's belief in the power of the individual to make a difference. This was very different from the prevailing much more conformist mentality in Norway. Petter loved the idea that we control our own destiny and he saw the United States as the perfect place to manifest his vision. He launched his network marketing company here in 1980.

He chose network marketing as a distribution model because he believed in the power of word of mouth. He also liked the focus on relationships, people skills, and personal development. He founded his company based on the values of excellence and tolerance. He wanted to provide superior quality products as well as relationships. He didn't care about people's religion, political affiliation, or social status. Instead, he valued them for what they accomplished. His vision was to create a vehicle for people to grow and bring out qualities and strengths in themselves that they didn't even know they had inside. He wanted this vehicle especially to benefit women, whom he saw as the more powerful and underrated gender.

Today I am proud and honored to carry on my father's legacy. Even though he passed away in 2008, he is alive in the hearts and minds of thousands of people. I want to continue to grow that legacy and also to make my own contribution.

Petter was focused on helping people succeed in our company; I want to use our business as a vehicle to take our values out into the world. While we have an obligation to go out and share the opportunity, we also need to help the less fortunate with their basic needs. The legacy I want to leave is to become more socially and philanthropically engaged as a company so that we continue to increase our impact in the world.

My father started from nothing and created a huge legacy, and he would tell you today, "You can do it, too. All you need is a big dream and focus. Find your unique gifts and be true to who you are. Don't get sidetracked and stay connected to your why, and you will be successful."

A Norwegian by birth, STIAN MORCK has spent
over twenty years in the direct sales/network
marketing field as a corporate executive responsible
for operations, distribution, and creating culture
He is passionate about personal development
and marketing as well as social and
environmental responsibility.